Rise No. 1 Celebrates Julia Child’s 100th Birthday

Dena Knoll, Cathy Martin, Vanessa Smith, and Whitney Rae. Irving ISD culinary arts teachers celebrating Julia Child's 100th birthday at Rise No. 1.

Intrepid intern Lesley Mann Lynch just returned from Rose No. 1 where owner Hedda Dowd threw a birthday party to celebrate Julia Child’s 100th birthday. Guests were encouraged to dress as Julia. Lesley had strict instructions to photograph Dowd however she was busy working the room the task proved impossible. “She busy running around greeting all of the other Julias,” Lynch said. “However, she was wearing some fabulous striped tights.” With that, “Bon appétit.”

If mimicry is the highest form of flattery, then Julia Child was blushing in the afterlife during lunch today. Rise n° 1 celebrated the culinary icon’s posthumous 100th birthday by offering all lunch guests dressed as Julia Child a free three-course meal from a select Julia Child birthday menu. Rolling pins and meat cleavers were being waved around as guests compared outfits, props, and Julia imitations.

Guests’ responses to the question, “What does Julia Child mean to you?” Jump for them.

Ashley Pitmon and Tom Flynn toasting Julia Child.
Cathy Martin; Jack McCrutchan, a miniature Paul Child.
Cheri Luck, Linda Smith, Cathy Stradley, and Meg Henderson.
Meredith Meuwly and Richard Bertschi

“My parents moved from Switzerland to the U.S. in 1952 and opened a restaurant here [in Dallas]. They faced the same challenge that Julia did back then—teaching Americans about French food.” –Richard Bertschi, chef at Rise n° 1

“I just like to cook. I’ve been watching her shows since I was 10 years old. It was also her or the Cajun Cook.” – Tom Flynn

“I started watching her TV programs as a child. My Dad and I would mimic her voice while cooking in the kitchen together. She [Julia] was a part of a lot of good family times.” – Ashley Pitmon

“Cooking has always been very important to my family. Julia was a friend of our family, so although I never got to cook with her, I felt her influence.” – Meredith Meuwly
“Julia made cooking entertaining.” –Sue Reeves


  • Valerie

    Love this! And I second Flynn…growing up it was either Julia or the Cajun Cook. We quoted both often in our home (I tell you that right now).

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  • Amy S

    I have to speak up. Chef Bertschi’s parents didn’t own just any restaurant. They owned the popular Mr. Peppe’s on Lover’s Lane. Prior to that his father was part of the European invasion of award winning chefs that were hired by the new hotels downtown during the late 1950’s and 1960’s.