Week Three: KRLD Restaurant Week Reader Reviews

Anybody out there still chowing down on KRLD Restaurant Week? Operators have gone back to their night jobs. We’d love to hear from you.


  • bob jones

    Chamberlain Steak and Chop House

    Service: 5 out of 5 stars
    Food: 2 out of 5 stars

    The service was outstanding. They would come by and refill your water and drinks as needed and explain the regular and restaurant week menu. We also did the wine pairing and they allow us to pick a particular type of wine instead of having to follow what was on the menu. AWESOME!

    We were a table of 6 and visited the restaurant on Sat. evening, Aug 27.

    We ordered the following items from the restaurant week menu.

    The Summer Corn Bisque was too SWEET and the temperature was lukewarm.

    Duck Confit Spring Rolls were oily and semi crispy. It was served in a martini glass with a wasabi/horseradish SWEET dressing cabbage coleslaw on the bottom of the glass. The two mini spring rolls were placed into the glass making the Rolls too SWEET. When I ate the side of the spring rolls without the dressing, it was tasteless and oily.

    4th COURSE- Grilled Peaches and Mesquite Smoke Bacon.

    It was very tasty. The Peaches were overly SWEET but the Bacon wasn’t cripsy enough but it offset the sweetness. The Brie Cheese was so small that you couldn’t even taste it. The Balsamic Fig Syrup was non existent on our plate.

    Argentine Style Pan Seared Kobe Sirloin Scaloppini. The sauce on the dish was too SALTY for our table and cooked in too much butter. It was Scaloppini so we knew it would be pounded by a meat hammer. However, we couldn’t tell if it was a KOBE sirloin or a regular sirlon. Not much taste without the sauce.

    Pecan Crusted Pork Chop looked and tasted like it was covered in breading and pan fried in a skillet with lots of butter. All I could taste was butter and not any other flavors.

    There was more bone on the pork chop then meat. It was also a very think piece. If you have eaten the pork chop offered at ABACUS for restaurant week. Then you will know that ABACUS is the best pork chop compared to this crap. The sweet potato grits was delicious.

    Pecan Smoked Prime Rib came out looking like a piece of roast beef you would get at Luby’s. Again not much taste.

    Almond Bread Pudding was okay. A generous amount of toasted whole almonds on top. The sauce was not overpowering and worked well with this dessert.

    The Warm Chocalate Center Cake with Blackberry Port Sauce was good. The cake was delicious but the sauce was very sour. The sour and sweet did not work well with the chocolate.

    Lavender Creme Brulee had a hard sugar shell ontop but the cneter was okay taste.

    We have also dined at Chamberlain Fish Market with a similar dining experience where service was great but the food was very very average. I don’t think they should be charging these high prices until they improve the taste of their foods.

    We didn’t know that they had a smoking area in this restaurant. This area has a huge projector screen and bar. You can smell the tobacco when you first walk in. If you are sensitive to tobacco smoke then make sure you sit further away from the smoking area.