Special Report: Jason Kosmas to Leave Bolsa in Dallas

Jason Kosmas. photo by Robert Bostick.

Steven Doyle has the latest scoop on the peripatetic mixologist, Jason Kosmas. Take it away, Dallas Dude.

Jason Kosmas has had a busy year. Earlier this year he left Neighborhood Services Tavern to work along side Eddie “Lucky” Campbell behind the bar at Bolsa. He also published his second book Speakeasy. Kosmas told me that he is going to leave Bolsa soon to work as beverage director at Twomey Concepts alongside chef Tre Wilcox at the soon-to-open Marquee Club in Highland Park Village.

The humble and talented bartender has regrets leaving Bolsa adding that his time with the restaurant has been enjoyable. “Historically I have not moved around much in my career, says Kosmas. “I left Neighborhood Services because I need more flexibility in my schedule after the book was released. When I was first approached by Justin Beam [Twomey Concepts] I said I wasn’t interested because I have been very happy being part of Bolsa. I love the clientele, the neighborhood and all the staff. But when I saw the details of the opportunity it made perfect sense.”

The Management position will give Kosmas a chance to exercise his creativity and work hours which will enable him to spend more quality time with his family. Kosmas will begin working for Twomey Concepts next Monday morning hashing out the details of staffing and outfitting the soon-to-open restaurant. Kosmas will oversee all aspects of the beverage program including the wine program which he said will be a fantastic value for the market.

As for Eddie Campbell, he and fellow barman Michael Martensen (The Cedars Social) started a build out for their yet-to-be-named downtown concept that will feature many of the same pre-Prohibition cocktails and a small menu at the former Dr. Bell’s BBQ space once home to a bar run Jack Ruby.

Well, all of this great news comes just in time for cocktail hour. Thanks, Steven. Chin-chin.


  • Honcho

    Anyone know if Eddie Campbell was once one of two great bartenders at “The Club” at the Centrum? If so, he was one of the best.

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  • Lulu

    Sucks for Bolsa. No bartenders left.

  • RidemCowgirl

    They posted on Facebook they were hiring sous chef..bolls I mean. Coincedence?

  • RidemCowgirl

    Sorry I mean Bolsa

  • OG from OC

    Can’t imagine two nicer more talented peeps working together. I sincerely hope that they are more than just a couple of names and brains behind this operation and be active faces. The HP crowd is quite a bit different from the hip uptown and OC crowd.

  • Christopher

    Kosmos is almost single-handedly changing the entire Dallas drinking culture and bless him for that. There’s no question bars become better when he arrives and stay that way when he leaves. He’s a mustached-Booze Fairy who alights upon this restaurant and that, endoctrinating them in cocktail craft and leaving behind a protégé to carry on the good work. What a boon he has been to Dallas!

  • Jeff Boehm

    OC loss is HP’s gain. Jason single handedly brought the cocktail back to life in Dallas.

  • Andrew Chalk

    Good luck to these guys but don’t cry for Bolsa. The reason these two went there is the same reason that quality replacements will be queueing up to start: at Bolsa there are no accountants peering over the shoulders of the bartenders saying “don’t do that drink, it takes too long to prepare” or “use a cheaper Vodka”.

  • J

    I don’t usually write comments but, I think the term single handedly is pretty off. All the groundwork for bringing cocktails to DFW was done by such bartenders as: Curtis Cheney from Del Frisco’s, “Dub” Davis, Brad from the Usual, Sean Conner, Abe Bedell from VT’s, Matt Perry, Terry Mumford, Craig Cottier, Kevin Dunn, Chris Beverly from NS, Taff Welborne, Louis Owens from the Mill, Charlie Papaceno, Justin Beam at Fearings, The Gang at the Mansion, Craig Reeves, Brian McCullough from Smoke, Mike Martensen, and of course Eddie “Lucky” Campbell to name just a few…

  • J

    And let’s not forget Andrew Lostetter at NST…

  • Steven Doyle

    In our conversation Jason mentioned most of the people you bring up, J. Plenty of talent in Dallas and I am personally enjoying the fruits of their labor.

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  • Please no douches

    God, I hope this place isn’t a Cheese Factory. HPV is one of the few places you can actually go and avoid tip-frosters and douchebags.

  • Please no douches

    BTW, there is ABSOLUTELY NOTHING “hip” about the Uptown crowd. It’s a sad joke.

  • kent

    I agree with please no douches. Find it funny that Doyle, the anti-douche, has his head so far up these chefs derriers, that he and his writing style have become disturbingly redundant and utterly unreadable. Why is he being featured here on d? Get back to your witty observer roots Doyle, there in lies your talent, this new evolution of your style is a waste of your ability.