Opening A New Can of Worms: What is the Most Underrated Restaurant in Dallas

Last week we mucked it up in the corners about restaurants in Dallas that were overrated. Popular spots such as Mi Cocina, Bob’s, Eatzi’s, Primo’s, and Campizi’s took some big (cheap) hits.

I thought it would fun to approach this debate from the other side. What are some of your favorite spots that don’t get the recognition they deserve? Maybe they’ve been in business for a while, but you don’t hear much about them.  The Bronx? City Café? Suze? Ferrari’s Italian Villa? Mignon?

Do you have a favorite restaurant that deserves a shout-out? Shout it out. Go, East Dallas.


  • PH

    Hibiscus! They have always been consistent and delicious.

  • macpad

    I don’t know if it’s underrated or just hasn’t been going long enough but Il Cane Rosso’s pizzas are to die for -as are their salads and deserts. Plus, I love the BYOB!

  • macpad

    And one other Chic Barcelona!

  • TB

    Peggy Sue BBQ
    Jack’s Backyard
    Royal Thai
    Chaat Cafe

  • Gipson

    Greenz – salads worth driving for.

  • kt

    Desperados! Best TexMex in Dallas by far.

  • Laura

    It’s funny – a few of these are on my overrated list: Peggy Sue and Olivella’s, namely.

    I think Lumi is grossly underrated. Love the place.

  • Ummm… Holy Oishii!!

  • acrow

    Royal Thai
    Daniele Osteria

  • green papaya
    half shells
    and barbec’s for breakfast

  • Medina Oven & Bar near Victory Park

  • MP

    I never turn down an invitation to Luby’s.

  • Courtney

    Corner Market
    kathleen’s sky diner
    Good 2 Go Taco
    Cindi’s NY Deli

  • DesignBoy

    Salum: Doesn’t get near the press it should. It’s both tasty and elegant.
    Veracruz Cafe: Best non Tex-Mex Mexican in town
    Parigi: Always happy when I visit
    Local: NYC cool without NYC attitude
    Zen Sushi: 1/2 price on Monday nights

  • bill holston

    Second Gloria’s
    Also, Nandina’s excellent service, very consistent and inexpensive food.
    VietNam for the same reasons.

  • Sarah

    Pyramid at the Fairmont hotel. Underrated food and drinks at their bar.

  • mako


  • macpad

    tr.v. un·der·rat·ed, un·der·rat·ing, un·der·rates
    To rate too low; underestimate

    Ok — Mercury, Local, Pyramid and Salum are all hardly “underrated”..

  • Jill

    Daniele Osteria – can we say best gnocchi in town?

  • dallasboiler

    The Grape. While it got plenty of press for its burger, it doesn’t get near enough kudos for the quality of the cuisine turned out there night-in and night-out. My wife and I have never been disappointed by a visit to The Grape.

    I second Suze as well. If it were located in Uptown, Knox-Henderson, or Park Cities it would get much more publicity. (But, I’m kind of selfishly glad that it doesn’t.)

  • TK

    Louie’s on Knox
    Taco Bueno

  • Batface Mcgee

    The winner is without a doubt Sushi Sake. I have friends that work for a Japanese company, and whenever the big bosses are in town from Tokyo, they INSIST to be taken to Sushi Sake. They claim its the best/most realistic sushi restaurant in the US.

  • Suze
    Good 2 go Taco
    The Gingerman

  • ea

    and for the most authentic, homey, real deal pakistani food…al markaz in carrollton 🙂

  • over/under-rated is so hard because it assumes metrics that we can’t measure…what ratings are we talking about?

    york street gets raves, but i’d say its still underrated.

    my “underrated” list:

    york street
    royal thai

  • Taco Joint
    Rick’s Chophouse in McKinney (probably because it’s in McKinney)
    Mignon (probably because it’s in Plano)

  • Grumpy

    Please…Desperados is NASTY. This is a trivial coment, yet necessary…I tried it a month or so ago after so much hype. Les Horribles. Wanted to like it/no axe to grind. Sorry

  • emily

    Urban Taco
    Best Thai

  • ook

    Sushi Sake. My favorite of the big Sushi joints. Great atmosphere and reasonably priced.

  • s

    Green Papaya
    Noodle Nexus

  • Twinwillow

    A big second to Sushi Sake. Soda san is the best sushi chef in this country!

  • DarnellErwinFletcher

    I honestly don’t think there are too many underrated restaurants in this town… that being said, I think Yutaka is an excellent call that gets overlooked for its strip mall location… I’d put it up with any composed japanese dishes I’ve eaten in Dallas…

    In a town full of steak houses, I think Place at Perry’s tends to get overlooked a little. I like the small, personal service.

  • Taylor B

    Places that have been flying under the radar for a long time…
    Yutaka – best in class by far
    Nonna – the best(arguably the ONLY) real Italian in Dallas
    Maguire’s – best “outside the loop” American & one of the best values in Dallas
    Cafe Istanbul – REAL Turkish food done exceptionally well
    Urbano – GREAT value and fun menu
    I also agree on Parigi and Salum

  • Calibabs

    My 3 favorite and always delicious…
    The Grape
    York Street

  • George

    In my opinion, “underrated” means those restaurants that consistently deliver better food, service, and quality than you would expect, based on the numbers of people voting with their dining dollars; i.e., guests. So I don’t think some of these really qualify, like Urbano and Nonna (just to pick a couple of examples). Most people would say Urbano is highly rated, based on the crowds, the “buzz”, and the “official reviews”. How can it be underrated? Same for Nonna.

    Where are the gems that are really good, but are not highly rated, based on crowds, buzz, and published reviews?

    I love some of the comments here, and excited to find some new ideas.

    My favorite that I think is underrated: Tramontano.

  • Rs

    This is definitely a subjective matter. To me Scallini’s is one of the worst pizzas I’ve ever had but still there’s people that love it.

    I second Taylor B’s list. However, I’d also include Tacos el Guero on that list. Those are the best Mexican-style tacos I’ve had in Dallas (unlike Fuel taco which I think are way overrated)

  • Kerry

    Vietnam Restaraunt

  • Mike

    G & G Cafe – best Lebanese place in town. When will other people discover this?
    Masami – great neighborhood sushi joint 75/Belt Line

  • Chris

    Kennys in Addison. Much better “outside the loop” than maguires.

  • Gilda


  • Batface Mcgee

    Also love Zanders House in Richardson.

  • eas

    Lumi & Medina

  • rrt

    Ziziki’s is incredibly overpriced for Greek food. It’s good but WAY overpriced.

  • Foodie Love

    Sushi Sake blows all other Japanese restaurants in the DFW area out of the water!! This is the real deal. Yutaka is a close second but is more along the line of “fancy” / Nobu style Japanese food. Bistro B for great Vietnamese/Chinese. Who knew there was a 24hr Vietneames diner in Dallas – just wish it was closer to me.

  • Rawlins Gilliland

    Tacos To Go
    9763 Webb Chapel Rd
    Dallas,(214) 366-9595

    Incredibly fresh, varied & lovingly authentic Mexican Guanajuato style taqueria fare. It’s across town from my home but I go there weekly and eat like a pig for maybe $6 total. Window access / outside counter dining only. Hence ‘To Go’.

  • Honcho

    For some reason, Dallas residents many times will not support a high end chain. I have never had a bad bite at Craft and yet most of the other diners appear to be out-of towners.

  • sarah

    Did someone actually say Gloria’s is underrated? That crap is nasty. Obviously someone is in need of a trip to San Antonio.

  • acrow

    A: Gloria’s is great. It’s Salvadorian food, not Mexican, so I don’t know how a trip to San Antonio is relevant.

    B: Second on G&G/Sevan Cafe.

  • Lauren

    The Place at Perry’s!