Trader Vic’s Swag For Sale

Allegedly Trader Vic’s closed a few months ago to repair damage from a flood. Hmm. We heard rumblings they were not just closing they gassing Vic’s and changing concepts. I don’t have official confirmation, but Kellyn, our gal on the street, okay in the Hotel Palomar, just walked inside the construction site and asked a few questions. An official looking dude showed her the new plans which call for pool and ping pong tables. But here’s the best part—he gave her a link to this website. Trader Vic’s is selling their swag– glasses, bar items, plates, fixtures–online. Scorpion glasses for me!

UPDATE: Well, there was a website selling TV stuff, but they’ve taken it down.


  • i might be the only person that will miss Trader Vics, as i’m a sucker for a rum drink in a dumb glass and i live right behind the palomar, stumbling distance. it felt like you were on a funny bad vacation in there.

    but the food was mediocre/awful, the service was the same, and it wasn’t cheap.

    but this sale is funny. several things in the bar/ceramics list are items available from any restaurant supply store, like Acemart or Restaurant Depot, and i’m pretty sure they are cheaper new than used on this site.

  • mediawonk

    Website is now blank – hmm.

  • much like my brain after several singapore slings

  • wlc

    Might have something to do with the fact that whoever is/was running the site really didn’t want it to get out into the public domain.

    A quote from the now extinct ‘information’ page:

    “Can I post a link to this sale on a web forum?

    For now, please don’t. The less exposure we have the better.”

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  • MNS

    I too will miss TV’s. Agreed about the food but sitting at the bar having a Mai-Tai and eating a Pu-Pu platter was a wonderful time warp. The barstaff was always good to us…PS if anyone finds any more info about the sale I would really like to have some of that memorobilia. Much of it dates back to the original restaurant and is really unique.

  • while on the subject…i LOVE having the palomar so centrally located. its great to get a hotel feel without going downtown.

    i just wish they did a bit more to hide the fact that they are on the corner of mockingbird and central. if you sit in the front part of the lobby attached to 214, you are looking directy at CVS or eckerds or whatever its called. maybe a hedgerow or some landscaping?!?!?!

  • sigh

    Way to kill the sight, Nancy.

  • sigh

    site, not sight.

  • Twinwillow

    Other than the (overpriced) drinks, Trader Vic’s was a vast gastronomic wasteland.

  • Brent D.

    At Twinwillow…after Mickie left.