Bird Break: Bluebirds Love Mealworms

Because I firmly believe that procrastination is part of the creative process, I will take a break from working and share this video with you. I filmed it last summer in Frankston, Texas. It stars Bill, an Eastern Bluebird, who has been living with his “wife” Hillary at my family’s lake house for four seasons, and one of his sons, Sonny Jim. “Together,” Bill and Hillary and I have “raised” around 48 fledglings. In the process I have spent hundreds thousands of dollars on mealworms. Why? Because the second I walk out of my house and whistle, they show up. And it makes me happy.


  • David

    Nancy, thank you for the first and only 2 minutes and 52 seconds of peace and quiet I’ve had all day. Small wonder you’ve squandered your fortune on mealworms.

  • Worzel Gummidge

    Any recipes?

  • So Nancy – why are male cardinals constantly running kamikaze missions at my windows at my house? Do they just see their reflections – or are they that desperate to get inside? They seriously sit in the Wax/Crepe Myrtles outside the front and back of the house and fly into the windows like they are pi**ed.

  • Worzel, Scagnetti has the bird recipes. However, I ate fried worms and crickets in Africa and found they pair well with Champagne. Jay, the cardinals are probably seeing the reflection and defending their territory. Get some of those decals and put them on your window. Also, if you have a window in the front of the house that they can see through your back door, they may “think” they can fly straight through your huose. Close the drapes if you have them.

  • That is so adorable. Hubbard is crazy about birds, too. How cute it is that Sonny’s not quite sure how to negotiate the worms. We’re going to have to try this. We have a pair of Mockingbirds that have been living in our yard forever. We’ve watched them teach the babies to fly… shoo’d away the cats and generally gotten very cozy with them. They’ll sit around with us just inches away. We have a lot of birds in our yard. But, the Mockingbirds seem to have the most character. The Blue Birds are lovely, aren’t they?

  • Go to Wild Birds Unlimited and get some mealworms. Put them in a clear bowl and watch them. If you whistle every time you put a few in the bowl, they will come to your whistle. Fast learners.