Material Connection of the Day: Peanut Butter Cookies From J. Dorian Chocolatier

j dorian peanut butter cookiesToday we received a basket of peanut butter cookies from J. Dorian, welcoming us to our new offices. Dorian Isenberg, as you know, is one of our very best friends. He likes to bring us cupcakes and chocolate chip cookies. When I stopped by his shop recently–I was taking some white cupcakes with raspberry filling to a baby shower–I told him that I thought it was a real bummer that no one could make a decent peanut butter cookie. Most of the time they are too dry or too sweet. (Do you know of a place? Let me know.) Then I asked if he had thought about adding PB to his repertoire. He assured me he was working out the final recipe. And today we’re taste-testing.

The texture is perfect–the right balance of crumbly and moist. And here’s a revelation–it actually tastes like peanut butter, as opposed to some overly sweet sugar-dusted, dried-out hunk of cardboard. The verdict: “The best peanut butter cookie I’ve ever eaten,” declared one Web-ette. I concur. Later I will report how well they freeze, because that’s where they’re going–straight to my freezer to pull out on another rainy day.