D Moms Loves: Stacking Rings, Chagall, and a Tiny Fawn

It’s Monday…Time for a round-up of the lovely things that have captured our attention over the past week. Herewith our favorites.


  1. Crewcuts Tea Rose short suit. Truth be told, neither of my girlies would willingly don this cobalt blue, rose-bedecked action (heck, I wouldn’t wear it.) And, yet…I am completely smitten with it. Obsessed, even.
  2. YSL’s La Laque No 18 Bleu Majorelle. It is perhaps the prettiest nail lacquer I have ever seen, from the bottle to the chalky cadet blue polish inside. Yet, in keeping with the obsessed yet sketchy on wearability (for me), I’m not sure I’m brave enough to swipe it onto my fingertips. Toes, in the summer, maybe… But in love nonetheless.
  3. Darrah Gooden + Land of Nod. The Land of Nod’s Nod Institute of Art is chock full of limited-edition goodness for your kiddos’ (and your) walls. But we’re especially fond of the sweet Edie Fawn print. (And not just because it’s the handiwork of local mom and D Moms “Mom Crush” Darrah Gooden…we promise.)
  4. Chagall: Beyond Color at the DMA. This exhibit features 140 of the artist’s works, including paintings, sculpture, ceramics, sketches, collage objects, and (the center piece), a display of costumes made by Marc Chagall in 1942 for the production of the ballet Aleko. But wait, there’s more. The DMA is the only U.S. venue for this for this internationally-touring exhibition. A visit is at the top of our to-do list this week.
  5. Julie Cohn’s bronze rings. The local artist and moms’ organic, hand-made rings are perfect for stacking. In fact, that trio above (the Barnacle, the Cleopatra, and the Tiny Solitaire) have pretty much taken up permanent residence on my right ring finger. I am, yes, obsessed.


  • Thanks so much, Joslyn!! Such a fun surprise to see Edie here today. And amongst all of the pretty blues and golds!