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What Your Hairdresser is Thinking

By Kristin Hull |

I’ve learned a lot being married to a hairdresser. I’ve learned that they work their butts off every single day. I’ve learned that they have to have a complete understanding of the geometry of a sphere. And I’ve learned that while they’re chatting you up they’re thinking about a million different things that will affect how you look when you leave (see photo at left – click on it to enlarge). But this is very good. If they aren’t thinking these things, run, don’t walk to a different stylist.

I got this info from a recent hair show at which my hubby cut hair on stage as part of a training for local Aveda hairdressers. I thought I would be bored sitting there for three hours but I was totally wrong. It was fascinating and made me appreciate even more what they do. And it convinced me that I could never, ever be a hairdresser. I don’t understand geometry, I can’t chit-chat and work at the same time (my friends always joke that I can’t even drive and talk at the same time) and well, I don’t like doing my own hair let alone anyone else’s. I was actually very impressed with the items on this list and I wouldn’t ever want to get my hair cut by someone who wasn’t thinking these things. I hope you find it as informative as I did.

P.S. If you are interested in reading about the pros and cons of living with a hairdresser, click here to see my article about it in the Summer 2008 issue of D Beauty.

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