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On the Market

By Mary Candace Evans |

As we were going to press I was house hunting. Two of the listings I had selected to write about were under contract. Specifically, Ellen Terry had a contract working on one of the pricier homes in Highland Park, a $12,995,000 Lakeside Drive estate. It’s the 9,035-square-foot residence owned by Ronald and Terry Unkefer. For the price, the buyers could certainly have had their choice of prime dirt and built their own castle. Instead, they wanted an important and beautiful part of Dallas history. This is a story I am hearing more often in this “valley” of a market: preserve the past and update rather than destroy. Inheriting other people’s dreams may not be such a bad idea after all. Anyway, what’s bad news for me is good news for the market. And rest assured, I was able to find some great alternatives.


Mary Candace Evans
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