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DFW Executives Share What They Would Change About the Local Business Environment

John Paul Valverde, Winjie Tang Miao, and Keith Davidson discuss mentorship opportunities, cross-industry collaboration, and assisting underserved communities.
| |Illustration by Jake Meyers

Plenty of people and businesses already agree that DFW is a great place. With growing population centers and a constant stream of corporate headquarter relocations and expansions, the business community is smiling on North Texas. But that doesn’t mean there isn’t room for improvement.

Many local leaders agree that Dallas needs more women in C-Suite leadership positions; many believe that Dallas needs more green space; some leaders want to incentivize the technology and innovation industries to the city; and others desire more cross-collaboration between businesses.

So, for D CEO‘s December issue, we asked three area leaders what they would change about the Dallas-Fort Worth business environment.


Keith Davidson

Managing Principal: Dallas, CLA 

“I would like to find a way to make the business marketplace more accessible to outsiders and those who are underserved. Being one of the most prosperous metro areas in the county comes with responsibility, and it’s our responsibility to ensure the business environment is accessible to everyone. Whether it’s business education, financial support, or pro-bono work from professional services firms, just to name a few, we have many opportunities to lift the tide for all the boats.” 


Winjie Tang Miao

Senior Executive Vice President and COO, Texas Health Resources 

“DFW has grown so quickly that each industry has enough critical mass to have its own associations, meetings, and networking events. And although there are opportunities for industry cross-pollination through the various chambers of commerce, I’d like to see more forums for diverse industries to come together. It is important that we learn from differing perspectives, translate, and apply successful solutions from one industry to another, and collaborate in new ways.” 


John Paul Valverde

Creative Director and Principal, Coeval Studio

“I’d like to see more mentorship opportunities for young adults and teens. We need to help train our recent graduates and show them how to get into different kinds of careers and industries. It is important to educate them on financial literacy and how to build off one business idea into another. We see so many talented applicants who don’t know how to think about how to get to where they want to go. It’s our responsibility to educate, lead, and keep them engaged.”