KOCH Designer Nicole Musselman’s Favorite Things

She's a karaoke-singing, art-loving lady.

In 1998 Nicole Musselman took a leap of faith and started designing handbags. Six years later, her line KOCH (pronounced “cook”) has expanded to casual and chic separates—think beaded tops, linen blouses, and low-key tees that are perfect for your summer wardrobe. We wanted to know what the local designer (and overall stylish momma) is inspired by. Check it out below.

1. My go-to jewelry designer is Sara Beltran. It’s hands down the coolest jewelry cruising the globe. They offer an amazing selection available at Forty Five Ten.

2. Canary’s Tea Bar and super glam store. If you haven’t seen this sunny yellow haven, you are missing out on one of the gems of Dallas. They have yellow M&Ms to nibble on while you’re shopping, and of course Merry Vose to visit with!

3. The Goat. This is the best place for Sunday night karaoke.

4. Again & Again. It’s my go-to local shop for home design pieces and inspiration.

5. The Power Station. This is a secret place to see an amazing building filled with amazing art.

6. Dallas’ very own, Polyphonic Spree. You won’t want to miss any concert they give in Dallas. . . You’ll be a better person when you leave. KOCH is proud to be dressing the girls of PS for their concert series.

7. My must-have skincare brand is Dr. Lancer’s Skin Care.

8. The Gem. It’s the best ginger iced tea and quinoa salad in town.

9. My favorite workout is Terlingo Cycle. With candles, an out-of-this-world playlist, and a bike, Jessica Watts, Alyson Griffith, and John Terlingo make you feel like there isn’t anything you can’t accomplish.

10. Marina’s dressing room at Stanley Korshak. It’s my favorite place to see a cross-section of labels. The next thing you know, Marina will be grabbing a men’s cummerbund, and pairing it with your black tie Lanvin skirt. You will feel naughty and nice all at the same time.

11. V.O.D. All I have to say is that some of my favorite afternoons happen every time I visit Jackie and Liz. It’s like love is floating around the store and in your Champagne glass, along with some of the hippest clothing I have ever seen.

12. My must-have jams come from Lucy Wrubel. Her iPod makes my office hum and break out in song!

13. Taqueria El Si Hay. They have the best street tacos in the world.

14. Ten Bells. It’s the best place to get a drink and not be seen.

15. Wild Detectives. Books and cocktails in a little red house. What more could you ask for?