Things To Do in Dallas Tonight: July 9

Your wayfaring guide is still away. Let's pick up the pieces of a pretty slow Wednesday.

The Whippoorwills. Via: Facebook
The Whippoorwills. Via: Facebook

As Pete noted yesterday, your itinerant guide is out of town. Technically, as you read this, he’s likely somewhere over Arkansas, hopefully returning to our warm embraces and even warmer streets.

But if you want more than hot hugs, here’s what to do tonight.

I admit, I’ve never seen Scott Pilgrim vs. The World. Missed it in its theatrical run, missed it on DVD, have seen it on cable but never clicked the remote. So tonight’s quote-along at the Alamo Drafthouse probably isn’t for me. But maybe it’s for you. Starts at 7, and I’d suggest an early dinner at nearby La’ Me before. Get the bun cha Ha Noi and an order of egg rolls.

If you have $5 and an urge to drive to Denton, the Whippoorwills continue their domination of North Texas with a show at Rubber Gloves. They’ve played Dallas and Fort Worth already in the past week, so if you missed either of those sets, head north. Denton’s Pleasure Principle opens, and takes more than a few cues from the Gary Numan album of the same name.

For a quieter evening, head to the Kessler Theater in Oak Cliff. Local folk singer Brice Beaird kicks off the night, and will be followed by Nashville musicians Buddy Greene and Jeff Taylor. The entire night is a fundraiser for UT Southwestern’s Conquer Project, which focuses on the research, treatment, and therapy surrounding the disease transverse myelitis. Dinner and a pint at Ten Bells Tavern down the block is always a good bet.