Leading Off (5/15/14)

Support Our Public Schools Says It Has 48,000 Signatures on Home-Rule Petition. They needed 24,600, so that’s pretty good. Next up: pizza party. Then: a commission is appointed, then they come up with a charter, then we vote on the charter, then people get confused over if we’re having a bunch of charter schools now (coughSHEFFIEcough), then we vote to nullify the charter, then we have another pizza party, then it’s a free period to do whatever you want, then we have gym, and it’s over.

Investigator Who Took Early Photographs In Pig-Blood Case Was Trespassing. That’s why the charges were reduced to a slap on the wrist for the Columbia Packing Co. Solid hustle, guys.

Matt Harrison and Martin Perez Could Be Done For the Season. Perez may need Tommy John surgery and Harrison might have more surgery on his back, which means the Rangers have now racked up something like 457 injuries this season. I’ve been keeping my arm ready just in case.