Big 12 Votes to Invite TCU

TCU will most likely join the Big 12 next season, after paying $5 million to exit the Big East, which the school never officially joined. The Horned Frogs will essentially replace Texas A&M, which will start SEC play next year. So the Big 12 will have a team in North Texas. That means  local fans of schools up and down the conference will now get to see their teams every so often without having to travel.


  • JB

    As a Sooner Fan, this excites me. Now. If we can only get SMU in also, I can ride my bike and tailgate at an OU game once a year.

  • Probably every other year.

  • Long Memory

    Michael, you make the mistake of thinking the schools care about the regular fan. They don’t. The want to play in a “big-time” league that’s really pro-like, so that the the administrators and the big-dog donors can travel to and feel like even bigger big-shots than they already are. They don’t mind the travel. A lot of them have ways of making it into a tax-deductible business trip. They figure that the rest of us can just watch it on TV.

  • @ LM: I never make that mistake. Perhaps I’ll start when there is a playoff, but probably not then either. I doubt the travel time of regular-type fans of schools like Kansas, Tech, and OSU (and all of the Big 12, really) factor into the debate at all. But the fact that once in a while Big 12 fans in North Texas will be able to watch their teams without the travel is still nice.