The First Knoxy Clip of the Season

Rangers sideline reporter Jim Knox, for sports bloggers, pays off like a broken slot machine. (While watching the game, Tim and I had a text back-and-forth, unprintable here, based around this idea.) So the clip below (h/t: Deadspin) will likely be the first of many, and he will feature more heavily in the ones to follow. Anyway, the segment I saw him do after the game was probably more insane, but this will do.


  • Jim Simpson

    So Nolan did not want Josh Lewin on the broadcasts, but this type of silliness is still welcome.

    Go figure.

    No offense to Knoxy, who does a great job with it, but what a complete waste of time.

  • Mike

    I hate when Jim Knox is on the games. Those segments blow and take away from watching the game. If they need to show somebody else, talk to Emily Jones. She at least talks about baseball.

  • Fruitdog

    Yes, there are only 162 games and we shouldn’t waste any precious baseball. How dare they cut away from the games for 35 seconds. HOW DARE THEY!

  • Tom

    I normally wince when Knox interviews someone, but this was interesting. Hopefully he’ll follow up today to see if the couple took the plunge – or even showed up at the ballpark altar.
    Because the prospects didn’t look good after the tough questions from Knox. Dr. Phil may be needed to save this relationship.

  • Taylor

    I have to agree with Jim – they got rid of Josh Lewin and kept Knox? Lewin took some getting used to, but he and TAG became a great and entertaining pair (IMO). Knox? Still have to change the channel or mute it.

  • nopay

    Video link – FAIL