“I’m Not Buying It” Campaign Addresses Sex Trafficking During Super Bowl

The group Traffick 911 has targeted the north Texas area as a possible hotbed of sex trafficking, because reportedly Super Bowls and sex trafficking go hand in hand.  Their campaign, which includes PSA’s from people like Dallas Cowboys tackle Jay Ratliff, is called “I’m Not Buying It.”

Right now, the group says, the NFL has not responded to requests to put up their “I’m Not Buying It” posters. The host committee insists whether the posters go up or not is all in the hands of the NFL, not them. Currently, there’s a petition online to ask the NFL and the host committee to consider putting up the material.


  • Until I see some independent, vetted data to back up Traffick 911’s extravagant claims, then “I’m not buying it” is an appropriate tag line.

  • I’m not trying to be provocative. This has been reported without much fact checking in several outlets. The numbers are large and strangely accurate ($32 billion? How was this figured, given criminals are notoriously loath to report income). The wording in the release and the news write ups bear all the references that Jack Shafer uses to debunk phony trend stories (may, estimated, could, emotional anecdotes, unsourced figures) and it’s a fundraiser.

    It also echoes the long repeated but factually untrue claim that domestic abuse spikes on Superbowl weekend.

    So I am not being funny. I am properly skeptical of this campaign.

  • Buck

    Church ministry trying to evangelize. Not a legitimate campaign