Robert Wilonsky to Host Show on The Ticket

Forgive me. I have but few details. But my ears have heard that Big Bob will debut a show this Saturday on the Ticket, from 11 to 2. I assume that’s AM to PM. If I heard correctly, the show will be about movies. But don’t hold me to that.

To those of us who know Robert, this news comes as no surprise. He has long enjoyed his guest appearances on the Hard Line more than he has enjoyed his day job. I expect the new show to be baritonal and boffo. I’ll be listening.


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16 responses to “Robert Wilonsky to Host Show on The Ticket”

  1. Bring It says:


  2. Andrew says:

    “It’s Terrrrrrrrrrible, America” should be the name of the show.

  3. MushMouth says:

    Glad to see all that time spent licking Rhyner’s wrinkled taint has paid off for him

  4. MT says:

    Actually it will be about music not movies.

  5. little beaver says:

    I’m there, count me in. I’m sure it will be “amaaaazing”.

  6. Awesome. I knew working late would pay off eventually. And, really, thanks for blowing an Unfair Park item for tomorrow — have you no decency? Only, Mr. Rogers, your ace reporting skills have once more let you down. (Really, do you not have my number? Because you know about 29 people who do. And you’re probably with three of them right now.)

    It will air Saturday night, beginning at 11 p.m. and running till 2 a.m. — which, if I am not mistaken, is considered “prime time”? No? Seems I’ve made a grave mistake then. And, no, it won’t have anything to do with movies, unless you count the fact I occasionally watch them for work, in which case, spot and on.

    No, it’ll be a straight-up music show, a sort of tribute to the radio programs I dug as a wee one, among them George Gimarc’s “Rock and Roll Alternative,” Shaggy’s “Pajama Party” and … and … um … Chris Douridas, maybe? Hello?

    By which I mean: I will play whatever the hel … I mean “heck,” sorry, don’t wanna get asterisked … whatever the heck I want. Expect much local stuff (sorry, MushMouth, no Petty Theft for you), entire side of Woody Allen comedy records and three hours of Ted Leo covers all in your honor, Tom. And, no, Mike Rhyner had nothing to do with this. I blame Jeff Catlin and my inability to do anything while awake. I fully expect this to be a one-off. So listen while you can. I won’t be.

    This “FrontBurner” looks interesting. Note to self: Investigate.

  7. Oh, and, Andrew, I think I may have to go with that title. The one I was thinking of using isn’t nearly as amazing. But if you or anyone else has a suggestion, feel free to e-mail them to me directly at [email protected].

  8. chandra says:

    “Hearts of Oak” or “Tyranny of Distance,” please. And lots of Westerberg, the Stinsons and Mars.

  9. Daniel says:

    Wow, hadn’t even thought of Shaggy’s Pajama Party in ages. Still miss Chris Douridas.

    This is One Blog For Old Men.

  10. JS says:

    And ESPN radio just got another new listener.

  11. Sideshow Bob says:


    So much for not rolling on Shabbos, Big Wilonsky…

  12. Sideshow Bob says:

    Another thought just came to mind…

    Since this is in the original timeslot of Gordo’s old show, “The Rant,” perhaps Robert should call this show “The Kvetch.”

  13. Jay says:

    This cements Wilonsky as the new D/FW Seacrest.

  14. Spamboy says:

    Hmm…listen to Robert, or watch a SNL rerun…hmm…

  15. El Rey says:

    Hey Sideshow Bob,
    When the sun goes down on Saturday, it is kosher for Wilonsky to be on the prowl. That is why Bob Barker always asks you to spay or neuter your dogs.

    (I hope I posted this late enough that Wilonsky doesn’t call me. I forgot he had my mobile #…)

  16. Give me a George Gimarc Vs. Mike Rhyner in a post-apocalyptic head-to-head madmax music trivia-to-the-death terrordome match game show…
    Can we make *that* happen?

    Or maybe we could just discuss the benefits and advantages of indica over sativa?