Photo by Melissa Tate

The Localist

The Localist: Booth’s Brew Artisan Kombucha & Elderberry Concentrate

Sip these healthy elixirs.

Booth’s Brew products are produced in Denison, Texas. The company offers kombucha, ginger beer, and elderberry concentrate. When I found this brand, the kombucha caught my interest. But the elderberry also intrigued me; as you hear more stories of people contracting the flu, the elderberry concentrate seems to be in high demand. Elderberry is known to help treat cold and flu symptoms by reducing congestion.

Booth’s Brew makes six different flavors of their artisan kombucha and specialty ginger beer, all of which have health benefits. They are available at several locations in North Texas including their storefront in downtown Denison.

Oh and, they deliver! So, whether you are feeling great or a little under the weather their products can help you out. To find out more about Booth’s Brews visit their Facebook page.