• twinwillow

    We joined the throngs of folks (mostly men) for lunch this week at the newly opened, Hofmann Hots.

    The place was packed with the line out the door! Phil Romano himself was walking around handing out chunks of their pillowy wiener buns and even cracking a rare smile.

    Personally, I prefer a simple hot dog roll. Hofmann Hots uses a very large thick, split “lobster roll” style bun which to me, is way to much bread to really enjoy the very good Hofmann hots wiener.

    The list of toppings are seemingly endless but, I’m just a NY style mustard and kraut guy.

  • Tomas

    We also tried Hoffman Hots and completely agree with twinwillow. The bun is fancy and is probably a way to justify the price, but it’s wrong and the hot dog just doesn’t work. We tried, as a novelty, the bologna dog too. Wow, what a f’in mess. Salty, horrible bologna and cheap yellow cheese. What crap. We didn’t eat it and wouldn’t even give it to our dog. Also, in what world does “Asian Slaw” served with hot dogs? What a terrible, over thought mess.

    On the other hand, we finally tried the cabrito at El Ranchito. Wow. What a revelation! Really tasty meat, served on a hibachi grill, with corn tortillas, some pico and rice. Really, really good. And simple. A lot of restaurants could learn from this dish. And the party at El Ranchito doesn’t stop. By the time we left at about 9 on a Friday, it was crazy, with a line to get in out the door. Great find.

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  • Heather Hambrick

    Dined at the Dallas Farmers Market Chefs Cooking series – David Uygur of Lucia served an amazing 3-course meal of cauliflower soup topped with raisins and capers, a hearty pork stew, and apple/butternut squash gratin that was fabulous. Great way to taste the food of Lucia without the challenges getting a reservation!

    Cooked a potato-crusted beef filet. Like a Parmesan-laced potato pancake topping a filet. Delish!