Alma on Henderson in Dallas is Closed

Talk hit the street late last week that the Piped Piper of Henderson, Tristan Simon of Consilient Restaurants, was going to close Alma. Today I reached Simon who says:

Consilient closed Alma today in order to take advantage of another opportunity for the property, the details of which will be announced in coming weeks.  While it’s a straightforward business decision for the company, we feel a real sadness about closing Alma and deeply appreciate the customers, vendors and staff who supported the restaurant during its life.,

Alma, Consilient’s horse in the Regional Mexican food trend in Dallas, opened last February. Simon originally hired Mike Brown, a Rick Bayless trained chef who was at the helm of a Red-O in Los Angeles. Brown moved to Dallas but left his post for personal reasons after only three months leaving the kitchen to upcoming chef Anastacia Quiñones, who was working across the street at Victor Tangos. “Consilient controls the real estate,” Simon said. “We intend to put a new dining concept into the property that takes advantage of the existing improvements and compliments the other restaurant offerings on North Henderson Avenue.”

What will happen next? The business deals are flying and details will be announced soon.


  • Lakewood Guy

    Saw this coming. I drive by it everyday and Saw that the parking lot had less and less cars in it over the past several weeks.

  • sausage on a stick

    Alma was average food at best. They are going to have to work harder next time around with the new flavor of the month concept.

  • Avid Eater

    The food was NOT average at Alma. It was the best of the new breed of “true” Mexican food restaurants in town. Anastacia Quiñones was doing a superb job and her corn tortillas were as good as any I have had in Mexico. Blame that closure on Dallas’ inability to separate cheap and pedestrian Tex-Mex from authentic Mexican cuisine.

  • me

    Well done, Tristan.

  • Lee


    Yet Mesa, on Jefferson, is putting out authentic Mexican cuisine that is a world better than mass consumption stuff that Alma served. Mesa has been packed every time I have been lately (it has also been named to Eater’s 38 definitive restaurants in D/FW). Add to that Kelly Hightower’s food at Wild Salsa, Meso Maya (which I have not been to but understand is doing well), Komali, and dozens of lower priced, mom and pop joints in Oak Cliff and around town, and I think you see that Dallas can and does enjoy authentic Mexican food, just not at Alma.

  • jane

    Seriously people. A restaurant is closed and people are unemployed. Have a little compassion instead of trying to be Leslie Brenner’s. Your snobbery astounds me.

  • Danielle

    Man that places needs to be an upscale BBQ joint like Smoke or something…that’s all I could think of whenever I saw all that rough wood planking on the outside. The decor alone would drive me straight ino the Dickey’s around the corner for some ribs.

  • Danielle

    Guess the name of the local BBQ chain is too close to a man’s naughty parts to go on Sidedish lol

  • Just a note here: almost half of Alma’s staff was reassigned to other Consilient restaurants.Sadly, chef Anastacia Quiñones is without work but something tells me her talent will end up somewhere very soon.

  • sausage on a stick

    @ Lee. I agree on Mesa. The food the last several times I have eaten there has been excellent. If I want “true” Mexican cuisine, I’m not hopping on down to Henderson to get authentic corn tortillas.

  • Jeannie

    I think this is sad. People lost their jobs and the times I’ve eaten there the food was excellent. The service was always great.

  • Just J

    Meso Maya: discovered it last week, already been 3 times! It’s a-meso-mazing! Or Meso Mayamazing. I digress, it rocks (or frozen, if you prefer)!

  • vanessa

    @ Nancy, so true Anastacia is amazing and will do great, cant wait to see what amazing creations she will be making in the future. Best of luck to a truly strong well known female chef.

  • Tahini

    Leslie Brenner put out a piece lamenting the loss of Alma with seemingly sincere sympathy. The article quotes Simon addressing the issue of price. If he’s being honest, they weren’t overcharging. That doesn’t mean that people are more apt to pay higher prices even with reasonable margins, unfortunately. The average customer is unfamiliar with this concept and unable to internalize it. People just see high prices and instantly assume they are getting ripped off. Happens all the time. Think about food and labor costs at places like Lucia, Tei-An, Nonna, etc. before you complain and then go eat $25 tilapia tacos at Mi Cocina.

  • Scott–DFW

    Any restaurant that makes and grinds its own nixtamal deserves respect.

  • If u don’t know what is authentic Mexican food shut the hell up

    Seriously people u think a great place to go to eat Mexican food is taco dinner or mi Cocina u are fucking way too far to appreciate a great restaurant just like alma was, Alma didn’t close because the food was bad, alma closed because the stupidity idea of a “brilliant owner” of believing that a restaurant could be a hit in just a few months , whoever is been in the restaurant industry knows that for a new place at least u need to wait a year to make such a stupid decision … BTW alma had a great costumer service and many people ended up without a job and what consillient did about it nothing!!!!! That is fucking shamefull!!