• Robin

    I am such a dork – I’ve been waiting all week to write about the amazing experience my husband and I had at Local last Saturday night. We did the tasting menu, which I don’t think is a bad deal at $70 for seven courses, and it was heavenly. They even swapped out two of the courses to accomodate my husband’s aversion to seafood. Local was the first “fancy” place my husband took me to dinner, and we were celebrating the fifth anniversary of our first date. Let me tell you, in five years, while I’ve put on some baby weight and consider “sheik” a kind of razor, Local hasn’t missed a beat. Still the coolest spot in town.

  • Gipson

    Visited the new location of Zenata in downtown Plano (twice actually, but only once on my tab). The selection and quality of the ingredients really shines, and the signature pizzas are creative. I loved the “Forest” pizza, with Brussels sprouts leaves, chanterelle mushrooms and luxurious thick-cut bacon. The “Truffle” pie, with perfectly cooked potato discs and an egg was another winner. We got an order of the risotto with duck confit for the table to share … Thanksgiving on a plate. Really, really good.

    The crust is limper than I’d like. On the second visit, I asked for it extra crispy, and the server pushed back saying that with the nature of the ingredients, the crust could only get so crispy in the middle. I told her I wasn’t worried about the edges burning and to “cook it to death”. The pie I finally got was perfect! Crisp all the way to the middle, and not really black on the edge either. Just right, so big ups for them meeting a demanding, and maybe odd, request.

    Okay, so here’s the caveat. Zenata is good, even very good, but half a block down the street is Urban Crust, which does EVERYTHING that I care about better. Better pizza, better crust, free bread, free refills on soda, cheaper prices. Good as Zenata is, in my mind, it’s just no competition.

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  • Kat

    I agree with Robin’s comments above. My husband and I went to Local last Friday and it was amazing. Great service and food, will be back. We tired out a new sushi place in Plano, Densetsu. It is on Spring Creek between Preston and Coit in a strip mall. Very clean, nicely decorated, extremely friendly and service oriented. We ordered one rol and split it and then both had a Bento box, we were there for lunch. Everything was fresh, flavorful and filling. They even brought out a special roll complimentary for us to try. After we ate they gave each of us a half of orange nicely cut with a toothpick inserted for eating. It was a nice touch at the end of a good first experience. We will be back for lunch since it is close to my office. We also did sushi at Oishii, a family stable at our house. Never a complaint at Oishii, it is fabulous. Headed to Meddlesome for lunch soon, hello patio!

  • Cate

    Alma rocks. From the ceviche to ribs. And the signature cocktails – so fun!

  • Christine Rogers

    loved getting reacquainted with Good to Go Taco in their new digs, and caffeinating myself with their shared-space coffee bar, Stir (with a good-bye and good riddance to the former tenants.) Stir’s french press coffee is to die for. Had my fair share, too, of GreenSpot’s new frozen yogurt bar which uses all organic, mostly local, no-fat, low-cal products. Great after-school snack for kids and me.

  • E

    I had a less than stellar experience at Sake Balm in the Quadrangle a few days ago. The sushi was good, but the service poor. There were only two waitresses who also served as the hostesses. There were three large parties, which was hard for them to handle in the first place, then add on three smaller (<4 people) parties (my party included). They were out of hot sake (how could they be when it's in the name?), which was definitely a downer. They have a lot to work on there, most importantly, customer service.

  • acrow

    Went to La Fiorentina. Started with the burrata and squash salad (it was huge and could easily have been split), and finished with the filed topped with truffle and foie gras pate. Both were excellent and perfectly cooked. Only compliant would be that it is a little on the pricey side.

  • Seven

    We ate at Zanata in Plano last weekend, with one of us taking advantage of the Sunday Dinner special – Crab Crostini, Lobster Casserole, Cheesecake, and a glass of wine for $25. It was pronounced delicious, but the crostini was only a teaser to the full order of the heavenly crab dip that we’d been looking forward to from previous trips to Rockwall, so we had one of those as well. Zanata does many things well, but the crab dip tops the list. I had the sea scallops entree and butterscotch budino for dessert. My new word for the week is budino.

    I wasn’t aware that the cocktails are the work of the guy from Bolsa until reading Nancy’s post from earlier today. Thumbs up on the Ginger Rickey.

  • Seven

    Do we need to make the most of dining out comfortably this weekend, in anticipation of many crowded houses next?

  • Liquid Ninja

    Thanks “Seven”. Come back to Zanata and sit at the bar for some stuff off the list.

  • Brad

    For the 500th time, I got stir fried Asian vegetables with tofu from The Asian Mint. It’s just as awesome as it was the first 499 times. Best tofu of all time.

  • ldascha

    My wife’s new favorite dessert; the blueberry brioche bread pudding at Preston’s; the crab “fritters” on artichoke leaves are a pretty good appetizer as well.
    Also, visited Kenny’s Wood Fired Grill in Addison for the first time; very good, seems to be a popular happy hour spot; and the portions are very generous, we had salmon entree, and a fish sandwich, very good.
    Looking forward to Zanata in Plano real soon, sounds great.

  • JS

    Normally I rave about the burgers at Maple & Motor, but today they were a little off (all 3 of our group thought so). Still a very good burger but not the great burger we are used to getting. Maybe because we were there right at the lunch rush instead of earlier, when they are a little less busy?

  • Seven

    @Brad. I feel the same way about Mint’s Spicy Basil Chicken. I always order it, but on the rare occasion that I venture to try something else, while good, I always wish that I’d stuck with my favorite. I’ve ordered the dish at other places around town (Ginger Thai, Noodle Wave, etc), but nothing quite recreates the magic.

  • Pedro527

    The bison burger, medium rare, at Nova…can’t beat it with a stick…and, contrary to the comment last week, I’ve never had less than exemplary service there…

  • Gipson

    Throw in some more love for Asian Mint. The Pad See Lew is the purest expression of soy sauce and noodles I’ve found. Deceptively simple and really delicious.

  • m

    Interesting to hear such love for Asian Mint. I’ve never really cared much for anything I’ve had there, though I’ve only given it a couple chances. Maybe I’ve been ordering the wrong things.

  • More love for Asian Mint. I took my 8-year-old son there recently. The service was very helpful with him to find things that suited his palette, but that also stretched his comfort zone.

  • DISH got “Restaurant of the Year 2011” in February Texas Monthly . One of only 2 awarded in Dallas….

  • foodiesnob

    Had dinner at Park to check out Garreth Dickeys new menu. It was amazing!!! I only went in twice before when Marc was chef there and it was horrible! BUT NOW PARK IS GREAT!!!!!
    Think Bolsa for the Knox Henderson area…. fresh, simple, changes daily…

  • Heh… you said Dickey…

  • WD

    Local last night. Outstanding selections, great service.

  • Feeder

    Definitely check out the new Zanata in Plano!