Alberto Lombardi Takes Taverna Pizzeria & Risotteria to Las Colinas

A Great White Pelican just swooped past the office and whispered: “Alberto Lombardi is opening a Taverna Pizzeria & Risotteria in the Las Colinas Village Center.” Birds make the best sources. (And  I saw a lovely flock of white pelicans near Kaufman on Sunday.)


  • Twinwillow

    I love Taverna in Dallas on Armstrong. Without a doubt, the best Alberto Lombardi owned restaurant in Dallas.

  • Cellarmaster

    I recently ate at Taverna in Austin and it immediately took me back to 311 Lombardi’s Circa 1996…The menu was suprisingly similar with an updated face and bevarage menu. As nervous as the man used to make me(I I worked for 311 while at UNT under GM Serge Prevert((what happened to Serge???)) ), I can say that he runs a good show and am glad he’s still at it. I am suprised as to the amount of restaurants he’s managed to open and close over the last 20 years but we all seem to keep going back for more! Best of luck!