Don’t call it a taqueria. Owner Jesus Nava prefers to call Tlaque a taquiza. “It just sounds nicer,” he explains, as the scent of simmering meats and spicy sauces wafts out of the kitchen. Much like its Mexican counterparts, this new Bishop Arts taco shop is tiny, specializing in fresh seafood tacos and guiso recipes from Nava’s homeland of Jalisco. That means plenty of tender meat—chicken in mole, pork in red chile, and shredded beef and potatoes—folded in hand-made tortillas. Tlaque also cooks up some delicious enmoladas, ceviche, and posole. But what makes this eatery really stand out from other Oak Cliff taquerias? Nava is a professional graphic designer, so his Tlaque is a looker: vibrant colors, striking menus, and lovely details everywhere. Maybe it’s a taquiza after all. 334 W. Davis St. 214-941-8226. $.

Update: Tlaque has closed.