Foster Kids in Texas Getting Way Too Many Psychiactric Drugs

The Government Accountability Office just released a study looking at foster kids around the country, and how they are prescribed psychiatric medications. According to the study, about a third of all children in foster care have been prescribed at least one mind-altering drug, a rate at least five times higher than non-foster kids.

Of all the states examined in the study, foster children in Texas were the most likely to receive powerful psychiatric drugs. Even more startling is the number of children who were prescribed at least five different psychiatric drugs at the same time. Foster kids in Texas are 53 times more likely to be on five different drugs at the same time, compared with non-foster kids. That’s not a typo: 53 times more likely.

This will obviously raise all sorts of questions, about child welfare, about state economics (tax payers are buying those drugs), and about the relationship between the drug companies profiting from these prescriptions (hugely in the case of Texas) and the politicians putting forth these dangerous policies.


  • JB


  • smeyers

    I think it says alot about the breakdown of families and how kids are viewed as “burdens” if they act up and dont have family relations in their corner to protect them. Just insulate them by medicating them.

  • Thank you for bringing this to the attention of your readers.

  • Anderson Cooper just did a segment on this. Guests were Sanjay Gupta and a rep with CASA. Psychotropic pharmaceuticals are not to be toyed with, especially in children. To essentially sedate kids to make them compliant for foster parents is unconscionable.

  • Apparently ABC’s Diane Sawyer will also be covering this story on World News and 20/20. It is truly a shocking report, and we must bring attention to this issue to address what amounts to chemical child abuse. But pack journalism is irritating.

  • Sammy

    Similar to the “free braces for every child” program in Texas, someone is getting rich at the expense of taxpayers, although at least with the braces fiasco the children are getting a benefit.

    These things are exactly what happens when you let business interests take over the government. I’m always confused as to how Republicans seem to think that businesses have anything on their mind other than making money. Companies (big and small) aren’t looking out for the public’s best interest, they are looking out for their bottom line, and how to make it larger. How that correlates to saving government money is beyond me.

    The simple, irrefutable fact is that programs like Social Security, Medicare/Medicaid, etc. are run much more efficiently than a private entity can do it.

  • kerryokie

    well, they will do this story to get in another jab at Perry

    but lets take a real look at who really started the “craze” to medicate the kids, in particular males

    the whole feminist blast was that males are “too aggressive” ( and therefor evil) and when their hands go up in the classrooms or they go for those job interviews, they just flat out best the females with their gender biased , testosterone so….

    along came the meds

    So when or better yet who did it become “Acceptable to drug/regulate the kids

    yep, the penis envying feminists

    misandrists all of them
    daddy issues some of them

  • kerryokie

    sammy , so you mean those companies FORCED THOSE DRUGS ON THE CHILDREN, NO LAWMAKERS INVOLVED


    DO TELL!!

  • smeyers

    Wow Kerryokie…that took a weird turn…blame the women?…Really? Come on Perry or parental figures seem more plausible.

    Do you have some female issues?