nancy nichols

NANCY NICHOLS-WHOSE PASSIONS INCLUDE FOOD, family, traveling, and hockey, but not necessarily in that order-is D Magazine’s restaurant and travel editor extraordinaire. She spent 20 years in the restaurant business, but now she’s happy to be on the other side critiquing them.

Nancy’s been on the food beat at D for nearly four years. (Ironically, she reviewed restaurants for D in 1974.) Now Nancy’s at the top of the foodie chain. To prove it. she’s uncovered the 100 Best in Dallas Food and Drink on p.52, Nancy reviews restaurants anonymously- often donning disguises to avoid special treatment. Her live nieces share her passion for wigs, and most weekends, they throw on pink and purple attire and drink pink milkshakes at the Purple Cow.

john wong

JOHN WONG HAS BEEN shooting photographs in Dallas for more than 20 years. His work ranges J from food photography ” to brochures and annual reports. Though his work is varied, he enjoys people portraits-bringing out a person’s character intrigues him. John prefers black-and-white photography, and his strength is in lighting, which he trained for at the Art Center College of Design in Pasadena, Calif.

John has been shooting for D Magazine for a couple of years; most notably his work has appeared in last year’s and this year’s Menu Guide. This month, John teams up with Nancy Nichols and Phil Hollenbeck to bring you D’s 100 Best in Dallas Food and Drink.

phil hollenbeck

“I WAS BORN, ONCE, ON February 21, 1943,” Pnil Hollenbeck’s story begins. “And as 1 look in the rearview mirror of my life. 1 do believe being bom once is just about all 1 could have handled.”

Besides being a bit of a comedian, Phil’s calling in life has been photography, which began as pure curiosity and fun and turned into his ticket to freedom. Photography is his career, but only by evolution, not design.

Phil has been shooting pictures for D Magazine for nearly 25 years-almost as long as we’ve been around. His favorite subjects are people-not celebrities, but characters. “Everybody has a story.” he says. “It just takes the right person asking the right questions.”

Phil’s work has appeared in American Way and Spirit magazines. This month, he is responsible for the “characters” in our 100 Best in Dallas Food and Drink.

james bland

JAMES BLAND HAS A KNACK for getting people to do unusual things for the camera. For our May cover story, “Dot.Com Risk Takers,” he convinced CEO Philip Diehl to wear a matador costume and stand on the center line in rush-hour traffic, bullfighting with passing cars.

James developed his edgy style after years of photographing Dallas5 underground music scene. He’s shot hundreds of album covers and publicity shots for artists from Andy Timmons to ZZ Top. Currently he divides his time between work and restoring his 1919 Oak Cliff home with his wife, Diana, and his daughter, Paris. James’ work for D this month appears in “Eight Leadership Secrets of the Airborne Rangers” on p.79.


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