Infant Outrage

I cried all through the article about baby Eric (“Who Killed Baby Eric.” October). 1 feel as though our judicial system does this sort of thing quite often due to the absence of time and the “get it over with” attitude that everyone in large cities has. I believe mere are several cases of this sort where the guilty slide by untouched and the people around them get axed. It sounds to me like the mother’s grandparents planned to pull this stunt on whoever was the baby sitter for the money.

If nothing else else. I mink Lankford’s record should be cleared of this charge. A growing and increasingly powerful magazine like D would probably be successful at forming a petition to see that this was taken off her record.



I like to keep D Magazine on my coffee table where it is handy. But, 1 refuse to look at gruesome pictures on the cover more than once.

Please keep the cover acceptable and the stories inside for the pleasure and interest of your readers.



Bloom Fumes

There are very few things left in this world that can offend me, but Chris Tucker’s article managed to do it by referring to Mary Koon. my executive secretary, and Tanja Lindstrom, the editor of my newsletter, as “go-fers” and “minions.” What he’s done is prove himself more anti-feminist than Joe Bob himself, who has the moral superiority of being a fictitious character.

People use secretaries, publicists and editors-not “go-fers” and “minions”-to make business easier for people like Chris Tucker. I gave Chris about 15 hours of interviews beginning two and a half years ago. Even if I had more time, there’s only so much any human is willing to parcel out to D. No offense.



Chris Tucker replies:

Being called “anti-feminist” by Joe Bob Briggs is a mind-bending experience, like being call stingy by Scrooge. But the fact is that neither woman was identified in the story by name or by gender. Only Bloom Briggs knows why he’s chosen to drag minion-gender into this matter.

Fitting Words

I find it so sad and disheartening, after spending time and working with kids in gangs, that these people, Cookie Rodriguez, Blanca Martinez and Anon Rashidi, could involve themselves in such a worthwhile cause and then disregard the “real” problem to fight for their own personal agendas and turf {“Turf Wars,” October). They all must have some good in them to get involved with this enormous problem in the first place. More might be accomplished if everyone involved used their energy fighting the “gang” problem instead of each other. Everyone should pull together instead of showing these kids it’s OK to belong to one group and think you are superior to another. Correct me if I’m wrong, but isn’t that “gang mentality?”



After being a volunteer for Street Church Academy for many months now, I have found that to know Cookie Rodriguez is to love her. She is the first lady of gang intervention.

I have found that a lot of these young people coming out of gangs have a lot of potential and they need strong loving leadership. That’s what we give them at Street Church. Cookie may have a shiny van that careens in and out of traffic-but actually what is needed is a fleet of these vans and gas money so we can get these kids to and from our meetings, church and gang intervention programs.

It takes raw courage to do what Street Church does! The funerals are awful, the rosaries are real, the brokenhearted friends and families are hurt just as deeply as anyone could be.

Let’s have a truce in Dallas and give those of us that are pulling in the right direction some good press!



I was very dissapointed when I came across the article concerning the anti-gang Journey and Beth Epperson. I do know that Journey does happen to work with the young adults. I have known Epperson for almost seven years, and she is the hardest-working lady I have known. Epperson has tried very hard to make a difference in this city where so many have only talked about doing from one meeting to another.



American Graffiti?

“The Elements in Tile” (October) brought to mind “the wall” in North Dallas [on Forest Lane between Midway and Rosser].

Covarrubias and his modem-day alter-ego Michaelis are both visionaries who, each in his turn, created and preserved moments in time. The cultures and life-cycles in “Genesis” share both beauty and meaning.

Now please drive past “the wall” on Forest Lane. Genesis it is not. The Sistine Chapel it is not. Folk art it is not. Pubescent graffiti it is.

Please assign a reporter to roast this homeowners group and possibly embarrass them into doing us all a favor and painting the wall a tasteful beige. Your magazine, after all, does this kind of thing so well. That’s why I love it.



Material World

Just when I thought that nothing else could shock or amaze me, I read your account of the $24,000 dinner for four at The Mansion (“Street Talk,” October).

Who are those tacky people? Yuk.



More On AIDS

Re: “Making War on AIDS,” October: The AIDS Resource Center might as well be dispensing sugar-coated arsenic tablets instead of “rubber lifesavers.” Recent articles by responsible people claim that a condom’s porosity makes the wearer vulnerable to AIDS. However, many people (including the press) do not want to believe that is so and thus encourage others to continue high-risk activities and a lifestyle that threatens not only themselves but others as well.

“Operation Penis Shield Condom Guerillas?…two condoms, lubricant, a brochure and a treat.” Please, spare us. Does “Keeping it Up” refer to a bodily function or the continuance of a lifestyle? This type of cutesy humor will mean little when the government and medical community finally admit that condoms do not provide adequate protection.

“Instead of grim warnings of death and AIDS, the literature includes a (safe) sex fantasy that changes weekly…designed to promote the idea that safe sex can be fun.” A debilitating illness, suffering and death are not my idea of a “treat” or “fun.” The best protection against AIDS is not safe sex. but sex within marriage or abstinence. Morality , rhetoric and plain ole bulls- aside-play with AIDS, and you play with death, period.



Troy, Take II

Thank you for the words about Josh in your article on Troy Aikman (’Troy Aik-man Won’t Dance,” September). It really meant a lot to all of our family. We have shared it with many, many peopIe.The article on Aikman was very impressive. I must admit that it gave me a much better insight on Aikman’s character. He is a very special person. It is nice to see a man such as this in such a distinguished leadership position.

Josh underwent a bone marrow transplant this summer. This was the first bone marrow transplant for a brain tumor at Cook/Fort Worth. Meanwhile, Josh is enrolled in homebound school. He is also going to occupational and physical therapy five days a week. He is only supposed to go three, but he has tremendous determination to get back into shape. His stamina is very low, and this will take time to build back up. He has a great support group of friends that continue to encourage him to get back.

Thank you again for the article. Its meaning is priceless.. .especially to a young man named Josh.



For over a year now, I have been heckled by my friends every time they came into my office over a newspaper poster of Troy Aikman taped to the back of my door-a friend of mine gave it to me with, alas!, a forged signature…now after reading D Magazine’s article on Troy Aikman, I can’t tell you how proud of that forgery I am! That I didn’t send it to his house with a pair of panties and a note, that I didn’t have it taped to my body and at some player appearance lift up my shirt and have him sign it, or, worse yet, that the poor man was trying to have dinner in a public restaurant and I didn’t have it attached to my tongue as I gave him a friendly lick across the face!

I can see frantic females in other cities acting like idiots over the guy, but 1 would expect just a little more class from girls here in Dallas. Give the guy a break-he is, after all, only human. Not only would I not dance if I were Troy, but would steer clear of all the wacky women out there!



Man’s Best Friend

“Animal House” (September) shows what animal enthusiasts have long maintained: Those who respect and care deeply for animals are the noble and warm-hearted types who respect and care for people as well. Folks like Jim Schutze. 1 always knew he was an animal lover, and it wasn’t just the fur on his lapel.




Keep me up to date on the latest happenings and all that D Magazine has to offer.