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Welcome to the Sleepless Nights Club. If it’s any consolation, remember that most of the people in this city whose lives are touched by the real estate business have been dues-paying members at one time or another this year. Market conditions have brought this real estate community to its knees in more ways than one to do some unexpected praying and pleading. The prayer was seen on bumper stickers all over town. . .”Dear Lord, please let there be one more real estate boom, and I promise I won’t piss it all away this time.”

But the ranks of the Sleepless Nights Club are slowly but surely dwindling. The Dallas real estate community is waking up, starting anew, and putting the past year behind it like a bad dream. To help you get your name off the Sleepless Nights roster, we bring you the encouraging story of the undisputed former president of the club and King of the Workout Game, real estate syndicator Craig Hall, who emerged victorious, happy to tell us he is now sleeping soundly. The story of Hall’s gargantuan restructuring effort kicks off our Real Estate Report. And to progress from the micro to the macro, fingers of blame for the state of real estate are pointing in all directions. Our analysis of four Dallas-area S&Ls now in hot water takes you inside an industry that is one of the primary targets of criticism. And just in case you’ve been out of the Thursday night happy hour circuit for a while, Street Talk will give you the fix of real estate gossip you’ve been craving.

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