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Leading Off (7/10/18)

After lunch we might get some rain, and it's gonna hit 90 today. Good luck with your hair.

Cowboys Cornerback Marquez White Arrested. He was arrested June 15 for aggravated assault with a deadly weapon, in connecting with a road rage incident on the Tollway way back in October. I’ve got two questions. First, how was this arrest kept under wraps till now? Once upon a time, if a Cowboy got arrested, we’d hear about it the next day — and we’d get some perp walk video. Second, do you believe that this ordeal is an attack on the Cowboys brand? Because Smith does. He said in a statement: “Me and my legal team [sic] believe strongly that this a personal attack on my image as well as the Star.” If that’s the case, we need George Teague to knock this aggravated assault with a deadly weapon charge OFF THE STAR.

Unseated DeSoto High Valedictorian Gets $40,000 in Donations for College. Destiny Brannon expected to have her first year of college paid for at UT Austin, a nice perk for valedictorians in Texas. But after her valedictory, in which she criticized the school district for valuing athletics over academics, her school discovered that it had made an error in calculating her final GPA (!), and she was demoted to third in her class. That’s when a GoFundMe account, “Get Destiny to UT,” raised almost $40,000 in 10 days.

Avi Adelman Wins in Court. The pesky citizen journalist who runs Barkingdogs.org filed a federal civil rights lawsuit after being arrested in 2016 by a DART cop for taking pictures of a man receiving medical care on DART property. A judge yesterday ruled that the case can go before a jury. First Amendment groups all over the country are closely watching to see what happens.