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Teacher Excellence Initiative

One Area of TEI That Could Be Most Helpful: Professional Development

Miles hopes teachers are able to get substantive feedback from TEI that helps their development
By Eric Celeste |
Mike Miles says the professional development aspect of TEI is "exciting" -- yes, this is his Excited Face.

Talk to anyone involved in DISD — board members, administrators, staff, teachers — and they’ll say the most harmful thing about the budget cuts from a few years’ back was the gutting of professional development for teachers. (It was, of course, one more thing that people immediately blamed on Miles.) Into that breach stepped outside nonprofits like Teaching Trust, which has been doing some amazing work in teaching good teachers how to be great campus leaders.

One of Miles’ hopes for TEI, though, is that it can serve as a way to provide more professional development to all levels of instructors, from beginners to distinguished leaders. Above again is the video from the recent TEI Q&A. Go to the 45:07 mark and listen to Miles discuss how the TEI should be able to provide professional development. (I’m especially intrigued by the high-level feedback he hopes it provides, helping top-level teachers understand the policy context within which they operate, as well as the latest research in things like personalized learning that they should be trying to incorporate into their work.)