Leading Off (2/5/13)

Man Shoots, Kills Neighbors Over Dog Crap. You might have heard about the double murder yesterday off Abrams Road, not far from White Rock Lake. Turns out, a 75-year-old man gunned down his neighbors because they repeatedly dumped dog crap on his patio. I’m not sure what to say about that, except that a) if you’re repeatedly dumping dog crap on your neighbor’s patio, you’re asking for trouble, and b) if someone repeatedly dumps dog crap on your patio, killing them isn’t an appropriate response.

Judge Rules Texas School Finance System Is Unconstitutional. Dallas ISD was one of 600 hundred school districts that sued the state over school finance. Yesterday, State District Judge John Dietz, after hearing three months of testimony, ruled that “the Texas school finance system does not deliver enough funds to schools to do their job and distributes that money in an unfair and unconstitutional manner.” Dallas ISD Superintendent Mike Miles issued a statement saying, “Thank God we can talk about something else for a while.”

Chris Kyle’s Last Interview. He talked via phone on January 28 to Texan News Service, five days before he was murdered at a Rough Creek Lodge gun range by a man with PTSD that he was trying to help. Said Kyle: “I would love for people to be able to think of me as a guy who stood up for what he believed in and helped make a difference for the veterans. You know, somebody who cared so much about them that he wanted them taken care of.” Reading that makes me want to hurt Ron Paul.


  • David Hopkins

    “The Texas school finance system does not deliver enough funds to schools to do their job…” Judge Dietz wins the Captain Obvious Award for the day. Thank you, Dietz.

  • Steve Zimmerman

    Everybody chill. This citizen could have lost his temper and killed his neighbors with a common tea spoon. Is NObama going to ban tea spoons now?

  • gimmethewooby

    No way the government can restrict our right to defend ourselves from dog crap.

  • Daniel

    That’s why people move here from places like Vietnam: our freedom. We are the freest country on Earth. If the couple upstairs had owned a bazooka like Jesus taught us, I think this story would have turned out with a fairy tale ending.

    Too bad the Marxist, gay-marriage-loving Muslim-in-Chief wants to restrict the rights God gave us to promote a culture of violence.

  • Dubious Brother

    The man was from Viet Nam and is 75 years old so we know he has seen some s**t during his lifetime. I don’t condone what he did to resolve the problem but what kind of moron continuously dumps their dog’s crap onto someone elses patio after being asked to stop and why would you even need to ask them to stop?.