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Leading Off (9/9/09)

By Tim Rogers |

A special nine-nine-oh-nine quiz for you. I give you the quote, and you pair it with its speaker and context.

1. “He’s just developing as a person in a leadership role.”

2. “I feel like I’ve been rode hard and put up wet.”

3. “I’m kind of surprised. I’m not going to lie.”

a. Julio Borbon, who only hit two home runs in 96 triple-A games, describing how he felt about hitting two home runs in one game, helping the Rangers sweep a double-header against Cleveland.

b. Bishop Suffragan Paul Lambert, of the Episcopal Diocese of Dallas, describing how he felt after dealing with a priest who resigned after the DMN showed that he’d “defrauded an ex-parishioner while serving as his stockbroker, lost his securities license, failed to pay child support, was put on probation for contempt of court, and didn’t pay federal income taxes.”

c. Don Hill defending his buddy D’Angelo Lee on the witness stand, even though he characterized the man in distinctly less flattering terms in a wiretap.