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Our Favorite D Magazine Food and Drink Stories of 2021

Whether you read these tales on a screen or flipped through our print issues all year long, we hope you enjoyed them.
Grilled Prawns
Brittany Conerly

Nothing can replace curling up on the couch with a magazine or sitting on the patio with a cup of coffee and locally published words. Print won’t die, and that’s a hill I’m willing to die on. Without further ado, some of our favorite food and drink stories published in D Magazine this year. You can always dig out the print copy if you’d rather read it there.

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The Dawn of the North Texas Distillery Golden Age

Just over a decade ago, the craft spirit movement in Texas began with Garrison Brothers and Balcones. Now there are as many distilleries in Texas as there were in the country when the American craft whiskey scene started gaining traction after the Great Recession of 2008. Amid the revolution, North Texas has been steadily gaining steam.


A Dirty Story About Clean Linens

Inside the messy battle between an international napkin cartel and a local upstart trying to claim its share of Dallas’ dining room tables.

Thunderbird patio
Elizabeth Lavin

The Best Patios in Dallas For Right Now!

In the era of COVID, perhaps nothing had sprouted up as the collective gather place as the outdoor patio. Some had been here along, now renovated and expanded with an emphasis on outdoor dining. Others were a more impromptu tables and chairs in the parking lot, or even a parklet, which takes up a few parking spaces. In all cases, these were the breezy, air-flowy environs we found ourselves flocking to this year and last.

Juan Moyano

The Yank’s Guide to Proper Dallas Footie Pubs

With the European Championship underway, here’s the score on the best British-style bars in which to drink up the beautiful game.

Ame Bishop arts 1
Brittany Conerly

At Âme in Bishop Arts, an Indian-French Connection

The old Hattie’s space has come alive with the flavors of a new, upscale Indian cuisine unlike anything else in Dallas. (And our first review in over a year.)

Dallas local artisan kitchenware
Elizabeth Lavin

These Dallas Artisans Help You Make the Perfect Table

These local artisans deliver the goods to help you set up dinner just right. All you need to provide is food and guests to impress.

Brittany Conerly

The 2021 Best of Big D

Say hello to our 20th edition. Here are 172 ways to support our favorite local places and people during this critical time for small businesses.

Elizabeth Lavin

Dallas-Fort Worth, Meet Your Agrarian Neighbors

Farm life is a calling—and one that’s not for the faint of heart. Meet some of the North Texas families who chose the land over the city.

Brittany Conerly

Meridian’s Modern Brazilian Is a Gift for Dallas Diners

Junior Borges opened Uchi and cooked at FT33. At Meridian, he is finally speaking in his own voice.

Caffe Lavazza

Do as the Eatalians Do: A Handy Guide to Eataly Dallas

More than a store, NorthPark’s newest addition is a whole lifestyle. Here is everything you need to navigate the three-story pasta paradise.

Monarch King Crab Claws
Brittany Conerly

Monarch, The National’s 49th-Floor Restaurant, Offers Opulence Without Limits

The excesses available at the city’s latest fine-dining spot almost make you forget about the food. But don’t.

Korean Street Eats
Elizabeth Lavin

We’re in Love With Dallas’ Newest Wave of Korean Street Food

Where to find rice-battered corn dogs dusted with Flamin’ Hot Cheetos and billowy egg toast sandwiches.

Apothecary Lower Greenville
Samantha Marie

Lower Greenville Speakeasy Apothecary Is a Den of All-Out Creativity

Don’t let the plush interior fool you. This dark and moody bar’s cocktails and snacks are meant to be playful, tasty, and delightfully weird.

Jimmy Park
Brittany Conerly

In Lower Greenville, Shoyo Deals in Masterful Omakase-Only Sushi

Jimmy Park’s elite 12-seat restaurant delivers jewels from its shadowy hideaway on Greenville Avenue.


The Best New Restaurants in Dallas 2021

Our first best new restaurants list since 2019 represents something extraordinary: the rebirth of a dining scene some feared had disappeared forever.


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