Jay Jerrier Might Be Giving Out Free Pizzas Today

Late in the afternoon yesterday, Krista Nightengale alerted me to Jay Jerrier’s wallpost on Cane Rosso‘s Facebook site. It read:

OK…889 more “likes” for our Cane Rosso page by midnight on Friday and we’ll be doing $1 pizzas on 6/11! Share this post and tell your friends to get liking.

At that time, around 5 p.m. on Tuesday, Cane Rosso only had 4,111 likes, and Jerrier was hoping to get that number up to 5,000. Now it’s 8 a.m.-ish on Wednesday, and Cane Rosso has 5,406 likes already. Yowzah!

Some fan guy asked Jerrier what would happen if he reached his goal by today (Wednesday). Jerrier responded with:

If it happens by tomorrow AND we get bikini girls on the patio we may do free pizza.

I think we can work to make that happen, right, SideDishers?