Jay Jerrier Might Be Giving Out Free Pizzas Today

Late in the afternoon yesterday, Krista Nightengale alerted me to Jay Jerrier’s wallpost on Cane Rosso‘s Facebook site. It read:

OK…889 more “likes” for our Cane Rosso page by midnight on Friday and we’ll be doing $1 pizzas on 6/11! Share this post and tell your friends to get liking.

At that time, around 5 p.m. on Tuesday, Cane Rosso only had 4,111 likes, and Jerrier was hoping to get that number up to 5,000. Now it’s 8 a.m.-ish on Wednesday, and Cane Rosso has 5,406 likes already. Yowzah!

Some fan guy asked Jerrier what would happen if he reached his goal by today (Wednesday). Jerrier responded with:

If it happens by tomorrow AND we get bikini girls on the patio we may do free pizza.

I think we can work to make that happen, right, SideDishers?


  • Well either we’ve suddenly become the most popular pizzeria among attractive women from Eastern Bloc countries with no friends on Facebook or there is some type of fraud on the interwebs. Either way, it’s an “A” for effort and we’ll do $1 pizza on Monday night…details soon.

  • twinwillow

    Jay, can I get a free pizza by ordering in Italian?