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The Woodlands: A Disher Reviews


This just in from a new Disher in town:

I just dined at Woodlands at Preston and Forest.  Went out on a limb – and was expecting the worst, but experienced the best.  Valet – nice touch, considering the location (let’s be honest…) The hostess could have given a warmer reception, there was absolutely zero crowd – but when you get down to it, those details really shouldn’t matter.  The FOOD was impeccable.  Truly.  Since this blog is about FOOD, and we all know how many restaurants in Dallas have been built on reputation (and not of actual delivery) so I wanted to write in and let you know how wonderful my experience was at this particular location. I would hate to see a spot with so much potential fail just because of the address.  I’ll be the first to admit I’m a street snob when it comes to restaurants, but this place – though out of the way – was delicious and charming.  From start to finish, it was one of the top meals I’ve had in months of dining in Dallas/Chicago/NYC. Maybe it’s because I’m of the “been there, done that crowd”, but this restaurant was so refreshing.  I hope it keeps up the quality and can build the crowd it needs (deserves!).

 Anybody else?