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Hall of Fame Profiles — Allen Kirsch

Owner, Allen Kirsch & Associates, Inc.
Allen Kirsch
Allen Kirsch Owner, Allen Kirsch & Associates, Inc. Dan Piassick

Owner, Allen Kirsch & Associates, Inc.

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Allen Kirsch has been redefining space, light, and form for more than 30 years. Whether transforming large residential estates, designing Oprah’s favorite Chicago restaurant, or reinventing a Park Avenue apartment, he is known for his clean, sophisticated lines and architectural approach to design.

A Dallas native, Kirsch graduated from the University of Texas where he studied both fine art and architecture, but he first became interested in interior design as a child. “As a second grader, I was designing floorplans at my grandmother’s house,” he says. “I was always meant to do this work.”

To ensure the highest level of aesthetics and artisanship, Kirsch is personally involved in every step of the design process and its execution, from conception to installation. His designs are modern, contemporary, and internationally classic—nothing is overworked or contrived, and each design has a sense of naturalness to it.

“There is huge pleasure in turning chaos into order,” Kirsch says. “I enjoy watching the transformation of the space, then seeing the client’s joy in that transformation. You work and work, and the big payoff is the day of installation when you bring in furnishings and art and see it all put together. That’s worth everything.”

In addition to interior design, Kirsch is a sought-after painter of multilayered abstracts, metallics pieces, and a new series of black-and-white pieces. These oversized pieces can be found in private collections throughout the world, from Australia to Abu Dhabi.

Whether designing a room, an entire home, or painting a commissioned piece of art, Kirsch says he remains focused on what the clients wants. “Every job is completely different based on their preferences,” he says. “I like to get a feel for the spaces they are living in. My design firm is intentionally small—just me, a draftsman, and a bookkeeper. I do all the design work, which allows me the opportunity to be fully involved from the design stage to installation day—the grand finale.”


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