Snap Judgment: Fort Worth’s JFK Memorial vs. Dallas’ John Fitzgerald Kennedy Monument

Fort Worth image, via Fort Worth CVB; Dallas image by Flickr user gorik

The Fort Worth Convention and Visitors Bureau just tweeted out that picture on the left, which is the city’s spanking new John F. Kennedy Memorial in General Worth Square in downtown Fort Worth. It officially opens tomorrow, but is getting a press preview today.

Let’s compare it to downtown Dallas’ JFK monument, designed by Philip Johnson, built in 1970. Who does the assassinated president’s memory prouder?


  • Chris

    I thought the one on the right was the inspiration for the cubicles in offices.

  • Everlasting Phelps

    Dallas. The Fort Worth one looks like a traveling mall display for the Cure Blue Balls society or something.

  • WmBTravis

    Mr. Rawlings . . . TEAR DOWN THIS WALL.

  • Daniel

    Hmm. Mid-1990s trade show booth or early 1970s ottoman? I’m going to say the latter is the lesser of two evils, and it’s not out of partisan bias, because I think the Philip Johnson piece is a disgrace. Fort Worth quite easily could have bested Dallas, but they did not do so. Our misguided mania for modernism, even when we fail (which is often), will always be cooler than their down-home inoffensiveness, even when they succeed (which is usually).

  • Daniel

    P.S. Why keep it a subtext, holding it in in could give them a hernia. They should go ahead and carve it in granite, in letters two feet tall: He ate lunch here the day before he went to Dallas, and we didn’t kill him. Did you know we have a better zoo?