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The Localist: Brutal Brittle Jalapeño Pecan Brittle

Get your hands on this spicy snack.

I stumbled upon Brutal Brittle at the Unbranded marketplace at Downtown Wanderland. Unbranded is a temporary storefront located on Commerce Street that has a rotation of local business owners selling their goods under one roof from now through New Years Eve. Lucky for me, some of these goods are food.

Brutal Brittle products are made with a variety of peppers, and each sweet treat is also a bit brutal on your taste buds. With almost 30 food items listed on their website, the company has taken the sweet and spicy combinations to a whole new level. Jalapeño Pecan Brittle is where it all started, and it is still a favorite of owners Joseph Mikijanis and Shawn Ewert. All of their recipes use fresh-roasted nuts and freshly cut peppers. A “heat scale” is printed right on each label with 5 out of 5 being the hottest.

In addition to the original Jalapeño Pecan Brittle, I purchased the Pecan Jalapeño Lemon Blueberry cookies and the Poppin’ Pequins & Pecans. All were delicious. These products are great for someone that likes sweets but loves spice. All of their brittle recipes can be made as fudge or toasted nuts and the heat can be customized on all orders.

Because Brutal Brittle is a home-based food business and all of their orders must be delivered in a face-to-face interaction, whether that be finding them at a local market or ordering online and arranging a delivery. While not offering shipping could be viewed as a negative, in my opinion it just gives you the opportunity to shake the hand of a local business owner and tell them how much you appreciate their work.

To find out more about Brutal Brittle and their products visit their website.