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Author Lance Scott Walker Talks Houston Rap Tapes Ahead of Deep Vellum Visit

We know the devastating effects of crack cocaine are what produced the conditions that gave us gangster rap as a poetry of the darkness of the crack epidemic.

Irving-Based Hollman Inc. Makes the World’s Most Instagrammed Locker

“Dallas is a really easy place to do business,” Hollman says. “Success is celebrated here.”

What Is the Preachy Nasher Prize Trying To Say?

The Nasher Prize is set up not only to offer validation to the artists it honors, but to weigh in on the very definition of contemporary sculpture.

The Old 97’s Celebrate 25 Years

The band was called “alt-country” then, but it was more like country-adjacentrock and roll.

Augustine Frizzell’s Surefire Way to Make Funny Movies

“After I’d told it so many times, I finally decided to write it down. And when I started writing it, I realized how much I had to say.”

Augustine Frizzell’s Surefire Way to Make Funny Movies

“You just keep writing and then people will keep helping and then eventually you can find money and, you know, it just keeps on going.”

Why Bobby Haas Built a Big Bike Collection

“I haven’t ridden any bike in here. To me, these are artistic pieces. I wouldn’t use a painting to cut a sandwich on.”

More Proof That the Jurassic World Franchise Desperately Needs to Be Stomped Out

Fallen Kingdom is driven by contrivances from the get-go, and relies on a continuous lack of common sense from characters who are supposed to be scientists and intellectuals.

Cruelty Is Well-Dressed in Theatre Three’s Play About Sex and Revenge

Moments of disquieting moral sacrifice elicit snickers rather than silence.

Wayne’s World Director Penelope Spheeris Reveals Why She Stopped Making Movies

It smelled a little bit like spilled beer, but everyplace I went back then smelled a little bit like spilled beer. It didn’t smell like a bathroom or something at all. It actually was pretty clean. It didn’t look clean, I know, in the movie, but it was pretty clean except for the writing on the walls.

This Movie Left Erykah Badu Speechless. Then, She Didn’t Want To Stop Talking About It

We always had a similar conversation and it was for the most part dedicated to figuring out where we stood in this capitalist society. How do we function?— because we are benefiting in many ways, because we’re all capitalists.

A Shamelessly Bright Takashi Murakami Retrospective Transforms The Modern

Murakami remarks that emptiness itself could be “the greatest art piece” of all, referencing the eastern approach to “emptiness” as a symbol of infinity, liberation, and the truth of all things. Appropriately, the artist’s purely non-representational paintings seem to draw the viewer into nothing else but looming, liquid black holes.

The Lorenzo Hotel Is the Ultimate Instagram Backdrop

The problem with the Lorenzo is that it doesn’t seem to take its art very seriously. Not that we should expect it to. It is a hotel, after all.