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TV Show See No Evil Does Dallas Dirty

They said this downtown was actually us, which it clearly ain't.
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Way back in May, I got an email from a reader named Shell. He wrote: “Last week I watched an episode of See No Evil that was from here. Casa Linda received an upgrade from neighborhood to city, but that mistake was just the undercard. They showed an overhead shot, ostensibly of Dallas, but despite freezing the screen for several minutes, neither my wife nor I could place this. Might this be an old stock photo? Please ask your staff to set aside actual work, or lunch, to solve this.”

Shell sent along the photo of his TV that you see at the top of this post. The best I could offer was suggesting a reverse image search on the mural in the foreground, but we both knew that was going nowhere.

Yesterday, Shell wrote me again to say that he’d figured it out. So as not to spoil the fun if you’re trying to ID the fake Dallas, I’ll put Shell’s answer in the comments.


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