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Confession: I Love the NTTA’s Radio Commercials

The Tollway radio ads have become a worm that has burrowed deep inside my ears.

This is a bit embarrassing for me to admit, but I think the North Texas Tollway Authority radio commercials are total bangers. One in particular makes me turn up the volume each time I hear it. You ready? Crank your work computer for “Save Like That,” a jingle that will have you singing out loud as you run through a wall to get a toll tag and save some cash:

Each of the three current NTTA radio ads comes with “album art” featuring Muppet-like characters who are totally saving money by using toll tags. “Save Like That” is a pop song. Is R&B more your speed? Then check out “Savings Don’t Stop”:

Or how about the hip-hop tinged “Double the Thrill”? Let’s go:

I sent a note to the NTTA’s media relations manager, Michael Rey, telling him how much I dig “Save Like That” and asking him who is responsible for these tunes. He began his reply with: “Assuming you’re serious, but one never knows with a Tim Rogers production. …” I assured him I was serious. Again, not real proud of it. But that’s where I’m at.

Rey tells me that the NTTA’s agency of record, TPN, made the spots with an assist from the local music production company Fresh Squeezed. I salute them both. Let me know when these artists play the Kessler.


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