The Fall of “The Nature Boy”

Ric Flair isn’t from Dallas, but he plays a big part in our city’s professional wrestling history. In fact, he was involved in one of the most iconic matches, when Kerry Von Erich defeated Flair for the NWA championship at Texas Stadium, following the death of Kerry’s older brother David. (A clip from that match is after the jump, as is a pretty unintentionally hilarious promo for a match at Reunion Arena.) Anyway, most wrestlers don’t grow old and they certainly don’t grow old gracefully. Read Shane Ryan’s recounting of how Flair (or Richard Fliehr, as various court documents know him) slumps along to the finish line, a maybe even sadder, and real-life, version of Randy “The Ram” Robinson.


  • yeah…um

    Ram Jam…

  • Interesting. I just watched an old documentary on the Von Erich family. Kevin (I think) did not seem happy with the current state of wrestling. I wonder if there was some sort of trick to the “iron claw” as I never understood where the blood was suppose to be coming from.

  • Randy Mayeux

    Just read the story… Sad, sad…

  • Daniel

    Actually, since Zac posted this item at 12:44 p.m., a lot has happened:

    1:12 p.m.
    Parrish-Wadley Investments LLC wins a default judgment against Fliehr for $73,000. “We thought he was honored his debts,” CEO Steven Parrish tells the Charlotte Business Fellow Weekly.

    1:57 p.m.
    Flieher purchases a $145,000 customized RV, which includes two dirtbikes mounted on a rear rack.

    1:59 p.m.
    The IRS seizes Fliehr’s customized RV, which includes two dirtbikes mounted on a rear rack.

    2:35 p.m.
    Fliehr ties the knot for a fifth time, wedding Kerri Sue Bottomsworth of Pinellas Pines, Florida.

    Fliehr buys Kerri a 12.5-carat diamond, valued at $170,000.

    2:47 p.m.
    The IRS seizes Kerri’s 12.5-carat diamond.

    3:01 p.m.
    Police are called to the Fliehr home, where Kerri has “peenched his nose and twisted it until it snapped,” according to police documents. Flieher declines to press charges, saying that he “wishes the whole world would just go away.”

    3:19 p.m.
    Richard and Kerri Fliehr are divorced. Their marriage has lasted 44 minutes.

    4:01 p.m.
    Lowdown-McUsery Lending Corp. obtains an injunction against Fliehr for $274,000, which they had loaned him for “barbells and stuff.” Fliehr contends that his business partner and financial advisor, Randy “Prick” Bigguns, has swindled him by advising him that the safest place to invest his money was in an offshore banking account in Bigguns’ name. Bigguns declines to comment.

  • Sleepy Head

    that Texas Stadium match was fixed.