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Do You Like Looking at Naked Women While You Dine?


I do as long as it isn’t mine. Talk about an appetite suppressant. Yuckadoo. Anywhoo, on October 16, you can be a legal voyeur at Live Draw! 2008, a fundraiser benefiting Arts Fighting Cancer and the Cancer Relief Fund. “Nudes with a View” is the activity of the night: you can watch eight local artists “render nudes in a variety of styles” as you sip Chardonnay. Food will be breast and thighs catered by (way-too-groovy music warning) Doug Brown. Details are below the jump. Sounds like a divine time! Go! Now!

Live Draw!TM 2008

Eight Artists. Three Models. One Incredible Scene!

Second Annual Fundraiser presented by D Magazine and created by Delia Cabral

Benefiting Arts Fighting Cancer and the Cancer Relief Fund

Dallas, TX, August 28, 2008 – LIVE DRAW!TM ! Presented by D Magazine and created by Delia Cabral benefits Arts Fighting Cancer and the Cancer Relief Fund returns to Dallas this fall! The world-famous Live Draw!TM ! returns to Dallas, this time bringing “Nudes with a View” courtesy of the Orion Ballroom. International art dealer Delia Cabral and Arts Fighting Cancer have partnered with sponsor D Magazine for a cultural event that is a departure from customary fundraising efforts. Forward thinking and tastefully bold, Live Draw!TM ! is a collective experience bringing together diverse talent for life drawing in front of a live audience.

WHAT: Arts Fighting Cancer’s Live Draw!TM ! soon to be a recognizable feature on the social calendar, provides viewers with an intimate glimpse into the creative process of the figure artist. Witness accomplished artists render nudes in a variety of styles with the opportunity to purchase the work right off the pad. The Style of this year’s event is set in three acts. Act I is an introduction to the event for our newcomers, a warm-up period for our models and artists and a chance to view previous works of art while getting educated about Live Draw!TM ! Act II will consist of a higher paced setting with longer more complicated poses and the potential for higher valued artwork. Act III will the be the finale of Live Draw!TM ! when the artists are at their peak of performance, the models are throwing down amazing poses and patrons have the chance to out-bid one another on entire sweeps of work in what has commonly been known as the “feeding frenzy”. Prices will start low and increase through out the evening reflecting demand!

WHERE: Compare technique and interpretation as each artist approaches the subject in a unique manner while enjoying the stunning vista at the newly renovated Orion Ballroom at 400 S Zang Blvd., formerly Top O’ The Cliff. Famous for its breathtaking view from the 15th floor of the Bank of America building, this historical space offers the Dallas skyline as an elegant backdrop to a distinctive experience for a cause that touches so many lives.

WHO: “It’s a new twist on performance art” remarks creator and international art dealer Delia Cabral, who introduced Live Draw!TM ! to Arts Fighting Cancer founder, Michael Cain in 2006. Come for a dose of inspiration benefitting Arts Fighting Cancer, chaired by Melina McKinnon and Michael Cain. The diverse panel of artists consists of returning Los Angeles artist Fausin Mdisa and new to Dallas Alejandro Gehry, son of seminal architect Frank Gehry and well known in his own realm. Dallas artists will include Arthur “ARTMAN” James, Bob Poe, Brandon

Oldenburg of Dallas based special effects house Reel FX, husband and wife team Hollis James Hoff and Elaine Schindler former set designers for Sex In The City and The Sopranos, and finally Booker T. Washington’s “student choice” show casing new up and coming talent. Returning Los Angeles “Special Guest Artist” Kevin Rolly and his amazing “Oilgraphing”.

WHEN: Thursday October 16th 2008

AFC was founded in 1999 with two goals, to produce cutting edge artistic events which appeal to the art enthusiasts and film lovers and raise money for cancer relief. Michael Cain acted upon his father’s mandate after being diagnosed with pancreatic cancer, “Make people’s lives better while you are able to do so”. The Board of Directors has worked fervently over the past eight years to build AFC into a respected artistic organization with a solid track record of raising funds for individuals battling cancer and their families. The Inaugural Live Draw!TM ! raised more than $12,000 for the Cancer Relief Fund. With your help, Arts Fighting Cancer will continue to make a difference. Please visit to find out how to attend and interact at this dramatic Live Draw!TM ! event.