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‘That’s a Big Ass Candle’

Chloe and Trent Mervine want their ginormous candle to be the only one you need this year.
After burning through a giant hearth candle, Big Ass Luxuries decided to create their own Big Ass Candle. Steph Sorenson

“We originally were trying to think of some fancy French name to call the company, but everybody would just see it and say, ‘That’s a big ass candle,’ ” Trent Mervine says of the oversized product line he started with his wife in 2021. The venture began with a gift. Friends had given the couple a massive 200-ounce candle that lasted six months. They loved it, but when it burned out they learned it would cost $600 to replace. For that amount of money, Trent figured he might as well make his own. He turned to YouTube tutorials, melting enough wax on his kitchen stovetop so that he could fill an 8-by-14-inch vessel. Through experimentation, he learned that coconut soy wax was a yes; color was a no. 

When friends marveled at Trent’s beast of an outage-proof light source during Winter Storm Uri, in February 2021, he and Chloe realized they could turn his side hobby into a full-fledged business. They began selling their candles in Swoozie’s that summer, and then they received a large order from Allie Beth Allman & Associates. But the real turning point came in the fall, Chloe says, when they participated in DiviFest, local influencer Dani Austin’s small business pop-up. After the success of the event, Chloe quit her software job, and the couple moved the operation out of their garage.

The Mervines say they’ve filled more than 20,000 orders for their Big Ass Candle, which burns for up to 1,000 hours ($284), and the smaller 150-ounce Baby Big Ass Candle, which burns for up to 500 hours ($179). Fragrance options include sea salt and orchid, French lavender, and santal and coconut. For spring, Chloe recommends the citrusy Sparkling Paloma with notes of tangerine, orange, mandarin, and grapefruit.

Everyone has a different favorite, Trent says, because “everyone has a different nose.” Just be sure to choose carefully: the scent you pick will stay with you for a long-ass time.

Melt With You

If you’re not in the market for a 1,000 hour burn time, there’s a local candle for every personality.

For the charitably minded: Sunny & Sage ($38) by Groove Gives, which donates a portion of all sales to Minnie’s Food Pantry in Plano.

For a vintage vessel: Cora ($94) by Old Flame Candle Co. This local company will pour candles into your favorite heirlooms, and refill them when the wax burns out.

For tea time: Morning Matcha ($18) by Wickry Candle Co. Collette Bice began this local Etsy shop as a 2020 pandemic hobby in the loft of her Carrollton home.

For the Swifty: The Eras collection ($40 each) by DYST Candle. The pop culture-themed company was founded by entertainment reporters Bailey Briggs and Danielle Hawthorne.

For all that jazz: Cole’s Trane ($34) by Olphactory Candles. Inspired by legendary saxophonist John Coltrane, this 14-ounce candle features notes of lime, coconut, verbena, and vanilla.

For high society: Cannabis & Sage ($40) by Marak, which has notes of cannabis accord and patchouli, without the THC.

For Larry Hagman fans: The Dallas by Society. Find this fig, leather, and bourbon-scented candle at the flagship Bishop Arts store.

For the DIYer: The Candle Making Kit by M.A.D Candle Co. Starting at $40, these kits come with everything you need, including your choice of vessel: frosted glass containers, recycled Topo Chico or Tito’s bottles, or—perfect for Mother’s Day next month—“Every Mom Is a Queen” printed jars.


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