Troy Aikman with daughters Alexa and Jordan.

What Troy Aikman Eats For Breakfast

The Dallas Cowboys legend on how he stays fit now that his playing days are over.

Have you ever spotted Troy Aikman on the Katy Trail? Keep an eye out next time you’re there because the former Dallas Cowboys quarterback admits that he hits the trail for his daily cardio routine. If you don’t spot him running, you might find him at Flywheel enjoying the air-conditioned cycle classes.

Even though his playing days are over, Aikman still values a good workout and aims to stay healthy to keep up with his two active daughters. We have the scoop on what this dad has cookin’ in the kitchen on Saturday mornings and what he’s ordering late night Fridays.


D Magazine: If you’ve got only 20 minutes to work out, what’s your routine?
Troy Aikman: Treadmill or Stairmill

What’s your typical daily workout routine?
An hour of weightlifting and 45 minutes of cardio (either Flywheel or a run on the Katy Trail.)

What’s your usual breakfast?
Oatmeal, banana, egg white pancakes.


What is your go-to cheat meal?


Name a song from your workout playlist.
“She’s the One” by Bruce Springsteen