The Dallas Marathon Is Canceled. Now What?

What happens to the medals and shirts?

The starting line of the 2012 Dallas Marathon. Courtesy MetroPCS Dallas Marathon
The starting line of the 2012 Dallas Marathon. Courtesy MetroPCS Dallas Marathon

After news broke that the Dallas Marathon would not go on, I had some tough questions for their PR rep, Chloe Jamerson. She was kind enough to answer.

KN: Any chance it will be rescheduled?
CJ: After reviewing all alternative and contingency plans, we reached the decision that the 2013 MetroPCS Dallas Marathon will be canceled. The race will not be rescheduled.

KN: Will those who registered get their money back? (Ed note: I knew the answer to this, but had to ask anyway.)
CJ: No, the MetroPCS Dallas Marathon has a standard industry policy of no refunds, transfers, or deferrals. The good news is our organization is a nonprofit and donates proceeds from our race to benefit Texas Scottish Rite Hospital for Children, a wonderful facility that provides health care to children.

KN: What happens to all the medals/shirts for this year? (Seriously, what do you do with all those tech shirts and medals with 2013 on them?)
CJ: We will communicate directly with registered runners on this matter.

Okay. So it wasn’t really groundbreaking. I’m hoping we get the shirts so we can us them to train for the next race. To all those who trained: hey, you trained! It wasn’t a waste of time. I’ll see you in Fort Worth, Austin, or Allen!



  • Greg

    You were right. Those were tough questions. I mean, MIKE WALLACE tough. Medill? Newhouse? Annenberg?

  • Chris

    $10 says most roads will be clear Sunday morning.

    • DelkusSleeves

      Based on the roadsthis morning, methinks you are out $10. Might not be clear by Monday

  • Jack Bblaze

    I now know everything. I am so happy you put in the side note about how you knew the answer to the question but asked for the sake of your readers.
    What I really wanted to know is how this woman feels about Nudism as it relates to Christianity.

  • Anthony Zure

    When the New York City Marathon of 2012 was cancelled due to tropical storm Sandy, the organizers at the New York City Road Runners Club initially held fast to the no refunds policy. They said “well you signed that box saying you accept that there are no refunds under any circumstances”. However after considerable uproar from runners who spent $250 or more to be there, the NYC RR backtracked a month later and said they would refund all runners who chose the option by using their insurance policy payoff for the cancellation of the 2012 marathon. There is precedent for refunds due to weather cancellations of these races.

  • Knightengale

    Anthony, was that money marked for a certain charity? The Dallas Marathon folks have said that they would offer something to the registered runners for the 2014 race. I believe for the NYC Marathon, they offered people to run next year or be refunded, correct? I was thinking that they waited longer to decide to cancel the NYC marathon, but it looks like it was the Friday before, just like in this case.
    They made the right decision as far as canceling. Those who ran the course yesterday said it was pretty bad in spots.

  • CSP

    The NYCM is also a unique beast in that it is a large enough (financially speaking) organization where it could take a one-year hit on refunds. Most races are not.

    And based on the way he’s spamming up every message board I’ve seen on this issue, I really which Mr. Zure would just grow up and accept that fact that sometimes unavoidable weather-related incidents happen and not whine so much about getting his money back from a children’s hospital.

  • Kyle

    Do I get to write these race fees off as a charitable donation? I don’t think so.

    This will be my last “Dallas Marathon”, change it back to the White Rock Marathon and you might get me again. Most events that are properly run, buy insurance in the event something like this happens and they must cancel, so either the organizers were not diligent in completing their job, or they are allocating that money to something else.

    I don’t want your shirt and some “special B.S.”, I want my money back and to be done with the Dallas Marathon for good.