Someone Would Like to Sell You a Beyonce Ticket for $10,000

Photo: Flickr user Asterix611

If you’re like me, you spent a half-hour this morning clicking, re-clicking, and entering a mishmash of letters in search of tickets for Beyonce’s July 6 show at the American Airlines Center. The starting gun fired at 10 a.m., and within 10 minutes the “cheap” seats — $64 — were gone. Ticketmaster showed that other levels were gone as well, but then some tickets reappeared. I have a call in to LiveNation to see just how quickly the tickets sold out.

I wasn’t about to drop $150 each on Mrs. Carter, though. Sorry, B. Now, some engineering souls have taken those tickets to StubHub. Starting tickets are $120 (not too bad), and the cap is $9,999. So, if you have a sizable chunk of a down payment for a house sitting around, and would love to have a floor seat for Beyonce, StubHub’s the place.


  • Barry Robertson

    I tried to purchase tickets as soon as they became available and there were no pairs of tickets available. I tried again at 10:01 and there weren’t even single tickets available. Some singles later reappeared, but I was never able to get two tickets. I posted online and have seen other comments that the same thing happened in Chicago, Houston, Las Vegas and Toronto. Sounds like Ticketmaster didn’t really have any tickets to sell to this event — they sold them all to scalpers who are requesting an arm and a leg for them. Oh, I did try the presale last week and all that was included was nosebleed seats. So where did all the decent seats go to? Something is off with Ticketmaster here.

  • B.F

    Barry, I agree with your analysis. I tried to get seats on presale and foolishly let go of a pair of tickets in search for closer seats. I was never able to find seats together, but somehow tickets brokers have thousands of tickets immediately despite Ticketmaster’s anti-blot effort. I had to break down and but single seats that are near each other. I refuse to pay the scalp prices.

  • Paul Schlacter

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