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Someone Would Like to Sell You a Beyonce Ticket for $10,000

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Photo: Flickr user Asterix611

If you’re like me, you spent a half-hour this morning clicking, re-clicking, and entering a mishmash of letters in search of tickets for Beyonce’s July 6 show at the American Airlines Center. The starting gun fired at 10 a.m., and within 10 minutes the “cheap” seats — $64 — were gone. Ticketmaster showed that other levels were gone as well, but then some tickets reappeared. I have a call in to LiveNation to see just how quickly the tickets sold out.

I wasn’t about to drop $150 each on Mrs. Carter, though. Sorry, B. Now, some engineering souls have taken those tickets to StubHub. Starting tickets are $120 (not too bad), and the cap is $9,999. So, if you have a sizable chunk of a down payment for a house sitting around, and would love to have a floor seat for Beyonce, StubHub’s the place.