Dallas Does Denver

As of this morning, it looks like I’ll be heading to Denver next week to blog on all things/people Dallas-y for the Democratic National Convention. I want to make sure I meet up with as many DFW folks as possible while there, so if you’re going (especially in some official or semi-official capacity), e-mail me at [email protected] First beer in Denver is on me.


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9 responses to “Dallas Does Denver”

  1. El Rey says:

    Hope you don’t end up in Denver PD’s Git’mo North!

  2. Tim Rogers says:

    Here’s why this is not welcome news to yrs trly: Eric’s traveling companion will be our staff photographer, Elizabeth “Spider Monkey” Lavin. When I found out that the application for media credentials was back in April, I declared that there was no way Eric and Elizabeth would get passes to the convention. At which point, Elizabeth said, “I’ll bet you we do. If we don’t, I’ll shave my eyebrows off. But if we do, you have to shave your head into a mohawk.”


  3. bill says:

    I dont think there is ANYTHING “Dallas-y” about the dNC.

  4. KC says:

    Dear Eric,

    Coors doesn’t taste any better even when consumed in the Rockies.

    Have a martini for me at the Cruise Room.

  5. Tim Rogers says:

    @ bill: You’re probably right. There won’t be any Dallas politicos in Denver. I doubt we’ll even have a delegate there.

  6. @ Tim: You should’ve taken me…I just told the campaign I wasn’t going b/c I’m too cheap to buy my own ticket. But I also know a lot of people going from here, plus about 20 bloggers from around the country. You would’ve had a ball with your buddy Mike D.

  7. Bring It says:

    And I assume, in the interest of fairness and balance-ness, you all will be covering the GOP convention as well?

  8. Eric Celeste says:

    Bring it: Not me. Not interested in fairness. That would make a boring blog. Maybe someone else on staff will, though.