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Finally! A man stands up to the challenge:

Please don’t have a bad impression of all Dallas men–I swear we’re not that bad. [Sad that I feel it necessary to use the modifier “that,” but such is life.] The problem isn’t the popped collar–I didn’t go to school in Dallas (or Texas…or the South), but I have been known to inadvertently pop-the-collar from time to time. Rather, the problem is Dallas has gotten too cool [read: pretentious] for its own good. Now don’t get me wrong: I love Dallas. In fact, I graduated from college, worked for a year in London, and then came back here. Some would call such coming back stupid, but I think it is a good place to be. In fact, I think the only problem is the fact its hard to find a girl who wants to talk about anything other than your daddy’s money.

Yes. It’s true. I’ve been guilty of checking out my date’s wheels a time or two. But, I’m only trying to measure the ambition factor. Right?