Belly & Trumpet Opens Tuesday, February 12

Two peas in a pod – Zenner and Mendoza

Richard and Tiffanee Ellman  (Oak) have teamed up with John Paul Valverde (Coeval Studio) for Belly & Trumpet, a cozy restaurant located inside a house on 3407 McKinney Avenue in Uptown.

Featuring the carefully balanced and innovative creations of Executive Chef Brian Zenner (Chef de Cuisine, Oak), the menu will change regularly and be comprised of sharable items.  Chef Zenner enticed former Mansion on Turtle Creek colleague, Rudy Mendoza, to join him as his Sous Chef, and together they will seek to incorporate global influences into a menu that Zenner describes in the following manner: “With Belly & Trumpet, we are striving to extend beyond the ordinary in everything we do.  We are challenging ourselves to be inventive and thoughtful, often taking a classic favorite and adding an exciting twist.  Regardless, our primary goal is for our food to be consistently soulful and delicious.”  Chef Zenner will remain the Chef de Cuisine at Oak while overseeing Belly & Trumpet on a daily basis.

The General Manager, Adam Karpf was most recently the manager at Michelin rated Spiaggia in Chicago, and prior to that he was a manager at the Mansion on Turtle Creek.  Thus Belly & Trumpet reunites Zenner, Karpf and Mendoza in a setting where their teamwork and collaboration will serve them well in creating the social, shared experience of Belly & Trumpet.

Jump for a sneaky peek at the menu.

Beets (left); pork belly (right) photos by Joy Zhang

For more of the menu, look at the sample opening menu here.